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We are very excited for next week as we will be attending the 2017 NSSA Northeast Sign Expo! What is NSSA? This is the Northeast States Sign Association. Here you can learn about new signage technology and trends. When is NSSA? This signage expo takes place September 28th and 29th. It takes place at the Connecticut Convention Center in Downtown Hartford. Where can you find Cirrus? We will be hosting our own booth at the convention center. Look for us by looking for booth #710 if you are in the area! We will be featuring our SOLO display systems. These are SOLO ICE and SOLO FIRE. SOLO ICE is our very popular all-white digital display option. It allows the user to showcase over 65 thousand grayscale colors all the while keeping a clean classic look. SOLO FIRE is an all red version of our SOLO ICE Display. It provides the same depth that the ICE or our full-color displays provide, just in 65,000 variations of red. We will continue to provide information about our upcoming trip and will be sure to post many pictures! In order to gain the most information on any and all of our upcoming events be sure to keep traveling back here as well as checking out our multitude of social pages. (Links below)  
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