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3 Reasons Digital Signage is for you!

Consider your business' location
  • If you are located along a busy route/street is your signage as easily identifiable and visually engaging as other business locations along the same route?
    • Digital signage can increase foot traffic because it is bright and stands out very easily. This is why it has become such a popular marketing option for businesses. Not upgrading your signage could leave you at a disadvantage to other local businesses.
  • If you are not easily visible from a busy street or active area how are you reaching new potential buyers?
    • Digital signage makes it easy for passerbys to find a business' location, even if it is not located directly in front of the business itself. Cirrus Systems' LEDs have minimum viewing distances of 25, 35, and 60 feet. So whether you just want people coming onto your side street to see you or you want a sign to reach the highway across the way, we have a solution for you.
Do you require a lot of different forms of marketing material due to announcements?
  • Sales, new location openings, building redesigns, special events, menu changes, holidays, availability changes - these are all events that create a need for more marketing material. Whether that translates into social posts, flyers, banners, or emails. Older signage options do not allow for these changes. The sign either ends up remaining stagnant. If the information currently on your sign is also relevant on top of a special event's info one of them has to be chosen over the other.
  • Digital displays allow for multiple "slides" of content to be utilized. You will always have enough slides for your ever-changing content needs.
  • Installing a digital display can also lead to less marketing/printing costs. Instead of paying per page you are only paying for the initial purchase of the sign.
Do you have friends in the business also utilizing digital signage?
  • Revenue is a huge factor. A digital sign can be a very expensive tool but it can certainly pay for itself. If you have a person whom you can ask to compare their revenue before and after they implemented their digital display you should get a much better sense of this.
  • The digital marketing industry is consistently growing, as included in one our previous blogs,  IHS estimated that 2016’s $6 billion market estimate would grow to $13.7 billion by 2021.
  • Ask the people you know, using digital signage option their opinion on their signage switch. How much more attention does it bring to their business? How easy is it to use?
If after reviewing all of these, you want to learn more, take a look at our products page here at Cirrus Systems, Inc. We can help work with your local sign shops to find the best LED display for you and your business.