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Friday Highlight!

Below is a picture of Beach Beverage Redemption's LED Display in Saco, Maine. This particular display is a 12 mm installation. Our Blade X display is available in three different resolutions. These different options are listed at the bottom of this post along with their recommended viewing distances. This is always an important aspect to consider when you are trying to determine which display is best for your business because your targeted audience needs to be able to see it. Not only that, you want them to see it clearly. The Blade X is available in either a 16mm, 12mm, or a 9mm resolution. The resolutions are measured by determining the distance between each LED. 9mm is our clearest display option and businesses that require more detailed pictures to be displayed on their signage prefer this option. Popular businesses that prefer this option are car dealerships because even seeing the rims can be important, as well as staffing locations that feature people in their content, and restaurants that post foodie pictures. Businesses with largely text-based content would not require such a detail-oriented display. Businesses with largely text-based content would not require such a detail-oriented display. The Beach Beverage Redemption center has chosen a display that is both easily visible from the road. It also has plenty of space for their text-based notifications. 9mm - Recommended viewing distance: 25 ft. 12mm - Recommended viewing distance: 35ft. 16mm - Recommended viewing distance: 60ft. For additional information on our LED Display options, follow onto our products page. Be sure to follow us on our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) too to learn about other popular installs and to see great examples of how different businesses have been implementing our displays. We will also be attending NSSA next week September 28th-29th. To learn more about that event, especially the who, what, when, where, click here!    
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