Happy Sign Manufacturing Day!

Along with today's Friday Highlight, we are also celebrating Sign Manufacturing Day!

  Sign Manufacturing day is dedicated to student learning. It serves as a day for signage companies to open their doors to students and the local community in order to educate them on the signage industry as well as the related career opportunities. Cirrus Systems has recently hired several students who have recently graduated. We also recently had an intern join our ranks.  As a result, our Friday Highlight will be dedicated to our recently graduated staff and interns! We appreciate all of the amazing work that all of you continue to do and are so very glad that you could join our company. We hope that all of you continue to learn and grow within the signage industry. IMG_5043  IMG_5044   Below we have also included a bio on Ted Gaebler, our resident intern!  He remarks on his experiences going through the internship search as well as his time with Cirrus thus far.  

Ted Gaebler

                    Ted is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Southern Maine. For approximately 12 hours a week during the semester, he also interns with Cirrus Systems Inc. The program he is conducting his internship through is in its second year and is designed to give students an option to engage in internships during the school year.

How did you go about searching for an internship?

“A program actually matched me up with this internship. The program collects applications from both companies and students, then works to match them together. The program is done via the state legislature making the whole process fairly simple.”

What is your opinion on having an internship while taking classes?

“The university environment is a little bit chaotic and less focused. This experience is a great way to bridge the gap between school and the professional world. It is definitely invaluable to see what is being done and the tools being used within the industry. I highly recommend it.”

What do you think of Cirrus Systems, Inc.?

“I am very impressed with the people working here, they are very excited, knowledgeable, and helpful. I also enjoy our daily meetings that gage where everyone is. It really keeps the flow going. This company is also smaller than others I have worked with which provides me with more interaction with my coworkers which is a better way to learn. Whereas when I was in my own cubicle away from other developers there was not a lot of communication.”

Do you have any advice for other students looking to intern/or begin their job search?

Having interviewed a few times for different internships the common desired skill, I learned, is web-based knowledge in developing a web-based application and using a database. Being exposed to that in the job setting is very helpful. USM is now offering a class for this in a consolidated version. A lot of industries in this area rely on graduates so it is helpful to already have this type of experience before you graduate.

We’re Back From NSSA’s 2017 Sign Expo!

Last week we participated in NSSA's, the Northeast States Sign Association's, 2017 Sign Expo. This event took place in Hartford, CT and went from September 28th to the 29th. Two of our sales representatives, along with myself, were able to make our way down in order to showcase our SOLO Ice display. We specifically chose to showcase this display over our two additional display types (Blade X and SOLO Fire) because we are the only manufacturers of an all white display system. This made it quite the talking point at the event as people continually remarked on its clarity, brightness, and old-style feel. SOLO Ice has been particularly important because it is the perfect option for towns that do not allow RGB signage. Not only is it completely grayscale (incorporating 65,000 colors) but it also can mimic the look of a marquee. We had a great time showing off our display and discovering all of the other types of signage technology that makes up this great industry. Thank you to the hosts of the event, as well as its supporters, staff, and volunteers! NSSA 2017!! To learn more about our display technologies visit our products page. If you want to learn about upcoming events we will be attending as well as additional Cirrus Systems news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. 20170928_163407   20170928_164648   20170928_170606 20170929_120000   22050042_1448221238618556_5041198097791902946_n   20170928_173754 20170929_114329    20170928_122812