3 Lesser-known benefits of digital signage solutions
Jul 27, 2021

The surface-level benefits of digital signage are pretty obvious. They help increase brand visibility, are a great marketing tactic, and they boost engagement .

There are, however, a lot more benefits to digital signage than meets the eye. Here are some of the lesser-known benefits of digital signboards.

They update easily

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of digital signage boards is that they can be updated in the blink of an eye. They’re easy to control and can be modified within seconds, either manually or automatically. This way, your content is completely streamlined since you can update all digital signboards at once, making it an effective and efficient means of marketing your products and increasing brand visibility.

Based on the type of software you use and your plan, you can even store graphics and update your signs whenever you’d like. Using AI technology, digital signs can help you boost revenue by identifying the products that are selling fast and those that have seen a drop in sales. Digital signboards can then be used to advertise these products, increasing product visibility and boosting overall sales for businesses.

Bus Stop McDonalds Ads 6x4 Single-sided 9mm BladeM

Generate sponsorship revenue

A hidden benefit of digital signage is the capacity for it to make money.

Digital signs are all about attention. Selling ad space on your digital signage boards can help you make some extra revenue while supporting the local economy. Other businesses and third parties may overlap with your target audience, which means that they’ll pay you to sponsor them on your boards.

Highly useful for community centers such as churches looking for fundraising opportunities, businesses and municipalities can have full control over who gets to use their boards for advertisement, making it a lucrative opportunity..

They allow for lower perceived waiting times

Nobody likes waiting in line, especially not your customers. Long waiting times can cost you revenue.

Digital boards can help you counteract this. People have a much easier time waiting if they’re busy or engaged, and digital displays can help with that. If you’ve got a retail business, make sure that you place digital signboards near tills to distract your customers with videos and other engaging content. You can display information about your products and services, or you can add other elements to it, such as the news or weather. This will allow customers to feel less frustrated while waiting in line, leading to higher retention rates.

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