About Us
In the heart of New
Hampshire, in
Portsmouth. Hello!
Cirrus Systems is a technology company unlike any other digital screen manufacturer. We do more than provide revolutionary LED displays; we provide an ecosystem of hardware and software that helps our customers reap extraordinary results from their on-premise and off-premise branding and marketing efforts.
How we work
Company culture
Cirrus is made up of a passionate group of people building the world’s best on-site marketing tools made with care to help your organization look its best.
We strive to deliver high quality and dependable screens through cutting edge design and manufacturing processes while always staying hungry for new ways to innovate and improve. Our core values include:
Winning Takes a Team
Innovate Everyday
Remove Friction
Bring Passion
Meet our management
Maintaining our focus and commitment is a leadership team that’s dedicated to bringing our customers the best value anywhere. Our leaders believe in transparency and accountability, whether it’s within the company or in the products we offer – you can have peace of mind that we are striving to always deliver quality and dependability.
David Rycyna
David Rycyna
Buffalonian. Proud father. Georgetown heavyweight rowing captain. Cirrus founder. He has lived in 6 different countries. Dave loves building the next best product and bringing world class teams together to get things done.
Dan Kerluke
Dan Kerluke
D1 NCAA Hockey National Champion Player/Coach. Startup Founder. Sales and Marketing leader with two decades of experience delivering results. Dan uses a data-driven sales process with modern techniques/technology to accelerate growth at Cirrus.
Mike Fitzgerald
Mike Fitzgerald
Mike joined Cirrus as Director of Customer Experience after spending 10 years providing hardware, logistics, and service solutions to the retail and hospitality industry. As Director of Customer Experience Mike has made it his focus to optimize, refine, and expand the full stack of services offered in conjunction with Cirrus hardware including the build-out a complete field service offering for end users. When not in the relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction Mike enjoys spending time in the outdoors, woodworking, and relaxing with his wife and 2 children.
Audrey Sobolesky
Audrey Sobolesky
Leading the Accounting team, Audrey is responsible for financial analysis, budgeting, reporting, and daily operational activities. Audrey has over 12 years of experience in Accounting & Finance across multiple industries, such as: manufacturing, marketing, and project management. Prior to joining Cirrus, Audrey worked in the Washington DC area as the Accounting Manager for IMARK Group, the largest electrical cooperative in the United States.
Matt Amidon
Matt Amidon
Matt heads up our manufacturing operations. He has over 25 years of experience in electronics manufacturing and is a graduate of the University of Southern Maine. Both of Matt’s children were born on the same day, 3 years apart. His favorite part of any home improvement project is demo day.
Company History
The Cirrus Journey
Cirrus Founded
First product released, the full color N2 and the market's first cloud software
2nd iteration, the Blade
and Solo product lines
3rd iteration, the Blade X released
4th iteration, the BladeM released, along with ScreenHub Software and Cirrus Sight
Moved and built a new factory in Portsmouth, New Hampshire
New CirrusLED website is launched
Company Accomplishments
Recognition and Awards
Private Companies
Inc. 5000
ISA International Sign Expo 2018
ISA International Sign Expo 2020