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Happy Sign Manufacturing Day!

Along with today’s Friday Highlight, we are also celebrating Sign Manufacturing Day!   Sign Manufacturing day is dedicated to student learning. It serves as a day for signage companies to open their doors to students and the local community in order to educate them on the signage industry as well as the related career opportunities. […]

We’re Back From NSSA’s 2017 Sign Expo!

Last week we participated in NSSA’s, the Northeast States Sign Association’s, 2017 Sign Expo. This event took place in Hartford, CT and went from September 28th to the 29th. Two of our sales representatives, along with myself, were able to make our way down in order to showcase our SOLO Ice display. We specifically chose […]

Friday Highlight!

Below is a picture of Beach Beverage Redemption’s LED Display in Saco, Maine. This particular display is a 12 mm installation. Our Blade X display is available in three different resolutions. These different options are listed at the bottom of this post along with their recommended viewing distances. This is always an important aspect to […]

Visit Cirrus @ Booth 710!

See you at NSSA  |  September 28th – 29th! The Northeast States Sign Association is hosting the 2017 Sign Expo in Connecticut this year! Cirrus Systems will be in attendance showing off our Blade X and Solo products, as well as taking physical entries into our contests and giving away additional merchandise. We are very excited […]

3 Reasons Digital Signage is for you!

Consider your business’ location If you are located along a busy route/street is your signage as easily identifiable and visually engaging as other business locations along the same route? Digital signage can increase foot traffic because it is bright and stands out very easily. This is why it has become such a popular marketing option for […]


We are very excited for next week as we will be attending the 2017 NSSA Northeast Sign Expo! What is NSSA? This is the Northeast States Sign Association. Here you can learn about new signage technology and trends. When is NSSA? This signage expo takes place September 28th and 29th. It takes place at the Connecticut Convention […]

Friday Highlight!

Fridays come and go too quickly, just like the summer season which is coming to an end soon. In an attempt to keep your spirits up and your thoughts warm, here is a great picture of a local Saco area install! Rosa Linda’s Family Restaurant in Saco, Maine currently uses one of our full-color displays. It […]

On The Road In Chicago!

Two of our esteemed staff have been traveling around Chicago this past week, learning about some of our new equipment! Recently, our operations had been moved the wonderful town of Saco, Maine. This was done so that we could begin to move our manufacturing division to our new location as well. Throughout the next few […]

Larger Displays are Leading This Growing Market

Everything is Bigger in Texas they say, apparently we should be taking notes. There are two aspects of the digital signage industry that continue to grow. These would be the overall size of the displays we are using, and the value of the industry that is continuing to skyrocket. In a recently published demographic, IHS Markit released a […]

Friday Highlight!

This Friday we are stressing the Cirrus Systems brightness feature! Scheduling your brightness is a very important aspect of owning and managing a sign. Every town has a specified light measurement that is allowed, usually measured in candelas. Every so often you will even find towns whose light requirements change throughout the day. This is […]