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The Design Potential of A Digital Display

Digital Display systems are highly underestimated when it comes to their design potential. Most probably assume that it the displays are solely meant to display a direct message in a series of different colors or scrolling speeds. This is not at all the case. Digital advertising provides us with a very diverse advertising platform. Consider […]

Innovative Signage is Available to All Businesses

We are back from the holiday weekend which means we are back to the ‘ol grind of things. To get everyone back on the track of innovation, one of the key words employers love to hear, I thought it best to provide some examples of innovation in the realm of digital displays. Digital displays have become a […]

Friday Highlight!

Another week has come and gone and we are reminded why we should stick to the strong stuff next week…coffee. For those of you anxiously watching the clock today, ready to run out and take control of your three-day weekend, why not spend some time browsing through our many many photos. It is a great […]

5 Big Markets Using Digital Signage

Digital Signage is becoming the most popular form of advertising. It is quick, it is easy, it is eye catching. If you are currently considering the switch to this updated advertising system, consider the following industries that are helping to push digital signage to the top.   Sports Nearly every sports arena, from the full […]

New LED Cloud Options!

Cirrus’ LED Cloud is always being updated for the benefit of the user. With its newer platform, we would not have expected anything less than a new set of features to follow suit. As of today, two features, in particular, have been introduced. These are the News Feed and Stock Ticker options!   News Feed […]

Fewer Connections = Fewer Problems

Cirrus LED is a supplier of efficient and innovative LED digital displays. But, being that we are a younger company compared to the very generational industry we are working in, many people are a bit wary of our products. To ease these worries I will be comparing our devices to the MTBF standards discussed on Digital Signage […]

5 Popular Uses for Cirrus LED Displays

Our displays are used for a variety of different businesses. They provide a very manipulative platform on which to advertise making them an easy choice for business marketing. For every business though, it is always nice to find out what types of programs Cirrus users prefer and how they use them, in order to figure out […]

Digital Signage Regulations South Dakota Business Owners Need to Know

South Dakota is known for its Black Hill Spruce trees, Black Elk Peak Mountain treks, ring necked pheasants (who incidentally go missing at times due to the frequently seen coyotes), Mt. Rushmore, and of course good ol’ country rodeos. It is certainly a hikers haven and a great place to pick up a few postcards. […]

NEW LED Cloud Youtube Tutorials!

  We have recently created a series of tutorials regarding our LED Cloud software! This is the software that we use to program our LED displays. This software allows the end users to design and create unique advertisements that truly suit their business. It also allows them to regularly change their display’s content. It is […]

An Interactive Medium

Digital signage is both a fast-growing industry as a whole but also becoming a popularly used interactive medium. This is easily noticed on any long drive as you pass by sign after sign, “70% off”, “$20 oil changes”, “Large fries with every meal purchased”. If I had to guess I would also say that the letter […]