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Friday Highlight!

We like to show off at Cirrus at a bit. So I will let the end of this, the regular work week for most, with a display highlight! I am always on the lookout for new pictures to feature so if anyone has a display that they are particularly proud of then definitely shoot us […]

Trade Show Recap

Last week we were in Memphis, today we are in Saco, and next week we are heading to Missouri for Tri State! We just cannot settle down. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, an update is in order. Last week from July 27th to the 30th two of our representatives attended SignConnexion 2017. As […]

State by State: Missouri Signage Regulations

I will reiterate if only for my own sake, that before you purchase any display, make sure you review your state’s signage regulations with your local sign shop. This will save you a headache later. Every state is different when it comes to their expectations of what a sign should look like and how it […]

Unlimited Users

Rotating staff usually means that somebody has to be called up at home whenever something goes wrong or needs to be fixed at the place of business. Nobody likes getting work calls after hours. Thankfully, Cirrus LEDs can help prevent that. Our digital displays are controlled by a web based interface that the user controls […]

Communicating With Your Display

Digital Displays are changing faster than they can be installed. With that, we can expect to have a lot of confusion when it comes to upgrading old systems or figuring out how to use and program your current system of choice. This is when the support team comes to shine a light on the very […]

State by State

When considering your signage and other display options you have to talk to your local sign shop. Not only are they a great resource when determining what sign to purchase, but they also know the state rules/regulations that go along with your signage. Each state has their own parameters, specific to the area limiting brightness, […]

SignConnexion 2017!

We couldn’t keep it to ourselves so we are bringing it to the trade shows! The newest Cirrus systems that are set to be featured this week are our Blade X and Solo units. The names sell themselves but we wanted to give it a try too. Our physical displays will be setup at the Sheraton in downtown […]

Working Around Your Schedule

Most people have their own schedules whether it is a work schedule, a class schedule, or their child’s extra curricular schedule. On a day to day basis, we have a lot to keep track of. This is why for numerous businesses, it would be immeasurably useful to be able to plan to advertise around their […]

Tennessee Showdown

Cirrus LED Systems, Inc. is heading to the land of country music in order to showcase and showdown! A.k.a. a few of our very own in house specialists will be attending SignConnexion 2017 hosted by the Mid South Sign Association! So while we are all just starting to feel the chills up here in Maine, they will […]

Cirrus Gets a Sign!!

Yep, we have finally installed our brand new Cirrus Systems, Inc. sign! A well-deserved face lift for the office from the previous “New England Truck” lettering that confused us all as we drove by. It’s stylish, it’s sleek, it’s sharp, it’s us. Luckily we have this beautiful time lapse, as taken by Thomas Tash from […]