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Building LEDs

With building blocks we use to use as kids, you could be your own architect, your own construction worker, and your own designer. This was probably the most basic way for us to understand those principals, not that we noticed much as we were too busy building death stars and fast cars. One of the […]

We Are Weatherproof!

We have recently moved our base of operations from sunny Cali to chilly midcoast Maine. Probably the most drastic change you could experience with the United States. At least we have been lucky enough to catch New England during its kinder, warmer months. The same can’t be said for all of our customers. Weather can be […]

Kickstarting Your Design Trends

Between you and I, I am probably not the best person to go to when you want to know what colors to splatter all over your sign. I would make a mess. So I went to an expert, Kate Fox, who practically runs Cirrus’ display support. She was kind enough to provide me with a […]

Communication Dynamic

We are just beginning the work week which puts us right in the thick of things. What could be a better time than now to try to cut down on aggravating or confusing customers calls. Let us highlight our own communications as well as buying concerns here at Cirrus. When it comes to trying to […]

How to Expand or Upgrade An LED Sign

How to Expand or Upgrade An LED Sign? Never again have a client balk at the price of an LED display. Cirrus’ modular system makes expansions and upgrades a great option for the hesitant or budget conscious. Get into Digital with an Economical Grayscale System. When you are Ready, Easily Upgrade to Full Color Our […]

LED Sign Design Guide

Cirrus Systems’ LED Sign Design Guide We prepared this LED Sign Design Guide because at Cirrus we believe that the sale is not the end but the beginning. Our job is to train you, provide you best practices, resources, and customer support to make sure your LED display is able to realize its true potential. […]

LED Displays Under $2,000? Yes!

Offer Your Customer LED Displays For Under $2k Have You Quoted Our Solo Lately? How many customers have you lost due to sticker shock? Many sign buyers would love an LED display but aren’t ready for the hefty price. Cirrus LED Systems has the perfect solution: 65,000 shades of color, video, cloud based software, energy […]

New LED Displays are Getting this Spiffy New T-shirt

Great news! All new LED displays leaving our warehouse are shipping with a new design of our collectible, great-looking Cirrus T-shirts! Previous versions of our T-shirts have been enthusiastically received. Since their release, customers have been asking when a new design will come out to expand their Cirrus LED Systems T-Shirt collection. Well, today, we […]