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The Art of Fixing An LED Sign Hanging 50 Feet in the Air

Someone asked me the other day, “So, if something happens, how do you fix an LED sign hanging 50 feet above the ground? How do you access the back of the panels or open the cabinet?” I was a little confused. “What do you mean?” I answered. He knew our signs don’t have cabinets! “Well”, […]

Top Ten Questions Asked by Sign Shops to LED Manufacturers

We are always striving to provide our customers with relevant information about the LED signage industry. So, today, we went to the trenches and asked our Sales Team to tell us which are the most common questions you- the sign shop owner or employee- ask us-the LED Sign Manufacturer-. And here we provide Cirrus Systems’ […]

6 Tips To Create Compelling Content For Your LED Sign

Outdoor digital signs – or electronic message centers- are the most cost effective form of advertising. With studies proving that as much as 50% of new customers claim to learn about a business due to it’s on-premise sign, it’s clear digital outdoor signs increase sales and create awareness. Still, anyone that has tried to design […]

How to Never Again Lose a Bid on an LED Display Sign

For most shops, selling is the hardest part of the LED signage business. In this day and age, it’s easy for customers to gather great -and sometimes misleading- bits of information on pixel pitch, LED display sign sizes, comparable LED sign quotes, etc. A google search will give them the names of all your competitors […]

The Battle is On! Monochrome Vs Grayscale LED Displays

There is a lot confusion in the industry as to what the difference is between monochrome LED displays and grayscale LED displays. Most of the time people – even ourselves- use the terms interchangeably but there are times when businesses specifically ask for a grayscale or monochrome display presuming there to be a distinction between […]

7 Great Things to Look for in Your LED Display Software

One thing that is often overlooked when deciding which LED display manufacturer to buy from is the software that controls the sign. Most digital marquees come with a free, pre-installed LED display software and without it, LED display screens can’t run. Yet, the better and more user-friendly that the LED display software is, the easier […]

Is Your LED Sign Deal Too Good to Be True?

All men might be created equal, but all LED boards are not. In the past couple of weeks we have been writing about how the lack of a consistent and uniform industry language make understanding pixel pitch and LED sign’s sizes difficult. Yet, there is a bigger issue that we haven’t talked about; how amazing […]

The Truth Behind LED Display Sizes

Most industries have regulations and standardization to control how companies market the specifications of their products. If someone walks into a store to buy a TV or a computer, they expect all the screen sizes to be measured in the same way; One expects a 50 inch TV to have the same monitor size as […]

Announcing the Winners of the 16 Solo ICE LED Panels Giveaway

When we first launched our new monochrome Solo LED Display System, we knew we needed to commemorate it somehow. After all, it was the result of lots of hard work from our design, engineering and manufacturing teams. Modesty aside, the Solo LED Display System revolutionized the grayscale digital display market; a great looking, ultra-affordable, monochrome […]