Digital Billboards
Attention is everything
The right digital billboard is your path to
long-term revenue, and picking the right
partner is the most important step.

Experience the difference
Light weight, high-resolution billboards

Not all digital billboards are created equal. If you are looking at installing a digital LED billboard, pixel density, how the LEDs are mounted, and the quality of the displays should all be evaluated during the buying process. Our eyes are attracted to higher contrast images because they are easier to recognize and process and sharper text is easier to read. Unlike our competitors, who mainly use a 16mm pitch, we utilize a 9mm or 12mm, ensuring you get the best resolution and contrast whether your audience is 50 or 500 feet away. 

If you are replacing a static billboard, then our patented modular design enables billboard operators to convert existing static faces to digital displays. At 4.91 lbs per square foot, the displays are 1/2 the weight of the competition, minimizing the cost of structural reinforcement - sometimes even eliminating it!

We have a modular solution for every billboard application, including: 

  • Standard Billboards
  • Jr. Billboards
  • Digital Bulletins
  • Digital Posters
  • Airport, Transit & Mobile
Why Cirrus?
A Cirrus LED Billboard provides best-in-class features to make it easier for you to grow revenue with your investment.
Ultra-high resolution
Sharper graphics attract more attention and future proof your investment.
Light weight
At 4.91 lbs. per square foot, Cirrus displays are 50% lighter than the competition
Best-in-class rating for weatherproofing protects your billboard from the elements.
Fastest delivery times in the industry
Ships within 2 - 3 weeks and for a fraction of the cost
In the rare event of modular issues, panels can be swapped out in 60-seconds
Convert your static billboards to digital displays
Cirrus enables billboard operators to convert existing static faces to digital displays.
What to expect
Best-in-class features

When you choose Cirrus as your digital billboard manufacturer, we provide both quality and reliability. With modern manufacturing and tested hardware, you make an investment that will not only last, but will look good years down the road. Every Cirrus billboard gives you:

Edge to edge, high-resolution full-color picture, and video capability
Modular design can be configured into any size of billboard
Subscription options - the option to pay monthly instead of all at once
298 trillion colors and 60 fps
Cloud-based content management using Cirrus ScreenHub so you can control one or multiple screens with identical or different content
Rated IP67 on front and back to protect your billboard from dust and the elements – It can be completely submerged in water for 30 minutes
Solid State Technology provides rock-solid reliability

Want to learn more about Cirrus digital billboards? Reach out to us today.