3 In-store marketing strategies to make use of now

May 25, 2021

Digital marketing and traditional marketing techniques can be used to create irresistible opportunities for bringing customers into your retail store. 

However, what really helps those potential customers to convert to buyers is the creative use of in-store marketing. 

In-store marketing refers to the marketing tactics used to target customers during their time inside a physical store. Instead of focusing on driving them to the store, these marketing techniques help engage and encourage them to convert. 

In-store marketing can help retail stores promote specific products, use up-sell and cross-sell strategies, educate buyers, build brand recognition and loyalty, and support sales teams. 

In-store marketing helps brands influence the customer while they are in the store and provide a unique experience that drives them to engage with their environment and make purchases. 

Here are three in-store marketing strategies you should use to increase sales:

Provide experiential marketing:

Experiential marketing incorporates the customer’s shopping process, turning it into an enjoyable experience instead of a transaction. 

Create lounges and allow customers to test the products they want to buy. You can also revamp the waiting area by adding playrooms for kids or change the way your employees treat customers. 

Positive experiences help create good associations and repeat sales from loyal customers. 

Free Wi-Fi:

One of the best ways to market to your customers in-store is by offering free Wi-Fi. Once customers log in, you can send them marketing messages and promotional offers. 

Customers will be happier if they can be busy on their phone during waiting periods and will be encouraged to return. 

Furthermore, you can encourage customers to post check-ins and product photos on their social media in exchange for freebies. These will increase brand mentions online and help you reach your target audience. 

Use digital signage to upsell:

Digital LED signs are ideal for creating appeal for customers while they are in your store. These can help you increase sales and get customers to spend more with each visit. 

You can use upsell techniques by promoting combo and package deals to customers, seasonal products, and other less popular options that may help them save money. 

Using high-quality graphics and creative content, you can create unique marketing content that appeals to the customers and increases sales. 

Digital LED signage has a lot of potential for retail stores and can help them improve customer loyalty and sell more items while reducing costs.

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