4 Industries benefiting from digital signage

Jun 26, 2021

The popularity of digital signage has skyrocketed over the past couple of years. Between 2018 and 2025, it’s estimated that the digital signage industry will grow to 6.9 billion dollars, making it a highly profitable technique for advertising.

Many industries have benefited from digital signage, but some industries have benefited more than others during the COVID-19 era.

Healthcare digital signage

The healthcare industry

No contact healthcare has become a necessity that many countries have needed to adapt to during the pandemic. Digital signage allows for endless possibilities of communication and collaboration. From sending messages to staff and lecturers to exchanging patient data at intervals, the healthcare industry should consider incorporating digital signage as much as they can.


Digital signage in restaurants can improve ease of access for customers by displaying menus and other necessary information on boards. For example, restaurants can easily showcase the nutrition elements and calories that their food contains, along with making changes in their menus, and making the menu switch between breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The education industry

From high school level to university education, digital signage solutions can be used as interactive materials to engage students in learning. Many schools have already begun to incorporate the use of digital signage into their teaching methods as they make lectures more informative and interactive. Digital signage solutions are especially effective for larger audiences and lecture halls.


Retail stores can use digital signage in check-out lines, as kiosks, and as end-isle pieces. These signs can help inform shoppers of special deals and instructions. Retail stores can easily set up scheduled messages in advance so that they can showcase different messages all day.

Outdoor digital signage helps create a better, more interactive shopping experience— this boosts revenue for stores, making it a profitable investment.

No matter which industry you’re in, digital signage will give you an edge in the competition and enhance communication. If you’re looking for a company to help you out with your digital display, Cirrus has exceptional digital display software. We offer a powerful content management software for digital signage that works with our high-resolution LED signs to bring you unparalleled on-site marketing. As electronic display manufacturers, we provide digital signage for education, entertainment, healthcare industries, and more.

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