How digital signage is transforming the marketing industry

Jun 29, 2021

Digital signage and billboards are a very recent technological advancement that have taken the marketing industry by storm.

From the healthcare and education industry to the retail and entertainment market, digital signage has a number of benefits that have completely changed the way that we approach communication and interaction.

Outdoor LED Sign

But, how exactly has digital signage transformed marketing for industries? Here’s how:

It’s interactive

Consumers prefer interactive interfaces. With the average attention span decreasing and technological advancements increasing, digital signage provides an interactive solution for marketers.

Digital signage can offer interactive solutions for consumers, such as informational displays in restaurants and kiosks in retail stores. The content displayed on digital signs is designed to attract consumers, increasing ease of access and making for more impactful marketing.

Cuts down on costs

Digital signage offers positive ROI, especially for B2B marketers. Less expensive and hectic than running Google and Facebook ads, digital signage is a new and interactive technology that consumers respond to positively. With traditional digital marketing platforms such as social media that have been around for a while, targeted audiences have found a way to unconsciously tune out Facebook ads— making digital signage an effective tool to engage with potential consumers.

Encourages recall

Outdoor signage can have an impact on sensory perception. Using bright and vivid colors and moving digital content can help spark consumer curiosity and hold their attention. Fast-paced and interactive, digital signage can market more effectively in a smaller space than traditional mediums. In a recent study, 75% of participants recalled seeing a digital billboard or sign, with 55% of participants remembering the message on the billboard. Conclusively, it’s safe to say that digital signage is changing the marketing industry by encouraging fast-paced, simple, and attention-grabbing designs that encourage interactive experiences for consumers.

No matter which industry you’re in, digital signage will give you an edge in the competition and enhance communication. If you’re looking for a company to help you out with your digital display, Cirrus has exceptional digital display software. We offer a powerful content management software for digital signage that works with our high-resolution LED signs to bring you unparalleled on-site marketing. As electronic display manufacturers, we provide digital signage for education, entertainment, healthcare industries, and more.

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