How to design a digital billboard

Jun 24, 2021

Within such rapidly changing marketing and advertising industries, digital billboards are the newest trend. Changes in technology have resulted in numerous advancements and innovations, with digital billboards taking the lead in advertising.

Here’s how to design more effective and engaging digital billboards.

Keep it simple

A billboard's primary function is functionality, so simplicity is always key. Creating an effective billboard means that it should be easy to read. The idea is to get your message across as quickly and easily as possible to a distracted audience, so it should be highly readable and straightforward. Don’t leave the audience confused.

Using too many design elements competes for visual importance, and too much color can distract the customer.

Use large text

A digital billboard should be legible from a distance, which means that the text should be loud, simple, and easy to read. Stick to a singular message or idea since the concept is to focus on brevity.

Your focus should be on the design principle of composition and creating a hierarchy of communication to the customer. Prioritize the sections that you want your customer to read first by using bolder texts and select easy-to-read typefaces for more engaging content. Avoid using all capital letters, and using a limited amount of text can help with comprehension and readability.

Optimize for quality

A digital billboard doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all policy— no two digital billboards are the same. The content of your billboard is highly affected by the pixel and resolution, along with the typical size and shape.

Before running the ad, ensure that your content is optimized for the type of billboard that you’re displaying it on. For example, if you have a board with a lower pitch, don’t opt for smaller text sizes. Whereas, if you have a screen that allows for a higher resolution, displaying videos and images poses absolutely no problem at all.

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