How to use video marketing to boost your brand

May 22, 2021

Video marketing is one of the most well-loved and effective tools for promotion. Customers prefer to watch videos rather than read articles and blogs and, therefore, are more compelled to follow a video than other forms of marketing. Around 45% of shoppers spend over an hour each week watching video content on streaming sites like Facebook and YouTube. Moreover, over one-third of all internet activity comprises video watching. 

Therefore, your business should focus on video marketing content to attract their target market and increase sales. Not every municipality allows you to run video in your outdoor LED display. Therefore, it is important to check with your city or town before you run any video content.  Once you get green light, hese video ideas can help get you started:

Product demos:

Incorporating product demonstrations and customer-centric videos on your LED display can increase store traffic.

There's only so much that customers can see in pictures, but a video can provide context and show how the product functions, the texture of the material, different ways to use the product, and more. If you are a restaurant owner consider showing your menu items to hungry passerbys! 

Descriptive videos:

Stores that show their services can increase store traffic as well. A dentist for example can show benefits of procedure before and after the videos to explain different procedures. It's crucial to provide only essential details and skip the fluff since users watch these videos only for a few seconds.

Walk-around store tours:

Store tours are one of the most entertaining types of videos for customers who need a slight push to visit your store. You can make the tours entertaining by focusing on the experiential aspects of your store. You can also provide previews of your products, store layouts, and other offerings. 

Promotional videos:

One of the most important video formats to consider is promotional videos. These videos include the ads you may see on TV, social media, and streaming websites. They serve to market your products organically to customers. These videos can be re-shared across different marketing channels to increase views. 

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