Why digital signage is important for churches

Jul 23, 2021

Digital signage probably isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about church. However, using digital signage is an essential means to reach out to church members and visitors, making it an important investment for the community.

Here’s why you should be using a digital sign for your church.

Enhances the church experience

Digital signage allows for more immersive and interactive experiences. Using digital signage to support activities such as prayer and meditation through audio and visuals can significantly transform the experience.

Digital signage allows for broadcasting sermons and events, allowing visitors to better understand what’s in store for the evening. Digital signage used indoors can easily assist live streams, meaning churchgoers will have increased access to sermons. Additionally, digital displays are also useful during classes since they’re the ideal size for showing class plans, presentations, and more.

Cuts down costs

Digital signage is able to help churches cut down on costs, allowing them to use their funds on other essential activities. With digital signage, messages can be changed and updated within seconds from the main server, meaning that there are little to no printing costs. Since digital signs can be changed from anywhere and at any time, churches will have a greater level of control over their messages without having to face any printing errors.

Moreover, churches can even earn a little bit of revenue by selling space for ads on their digital signage system, helping boost the local economy.

Digital sign boards are engaging

The cold, hard truth is that church attendance is plummeting, especially concerning the younger generation. Research shows that only 72% of millennials occasionally attend church.

Digital signage is a great way to attract millennials and Gen Z. Having grown up with tech and the world at their fingertips; younger generations are naturally drawn to places and experiences that engage with technology. Digital displays are a great way of getting your message across to younger generations on a platform they know by heart, and you’ll see a huge difference. With engaging digital displays, you can easily convey information and advertise community initiatives to reach your target audience. They’ll appreciate the use of technology, and you’ll be able to expand your initiatives and projects to a broader audience.

Though digital signage can seem like an extravagance, when you consider all the community-building factors it brings to your church, it’s really an investment worth looking into! Cirrus LED has powerful digital display software and ultra-high resolution outdoor LED displays. As electronic display manufacturers, we’ve got outdoor digital signs for churches, restaurants, retail stores, and more. As one of the leading digital technology companies, we’ve got full-service solutions for all your digital signage needs.

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