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Happy Sign Manufacturing Day!

Along with today's Friday Highlight, we are also celebrating Sign Manufacturing Day!

  Sign Manufacturing day is dedicated to student learning. It serves as a day for signage companies to open their doors to students and the local community in order to educate them on the signage industry as well as the related career opportunities. Cirrus Systems has recently hired several students who have recently graduated. We also recently had an intern join our ranks.  As a result, our Friday Highlight will be dedicated to our recently graduated staff and interns! We appreciate all of the amazing work that all of you continue to do and are so very glad that you could join our company. We hope that all of you continue to learn and grow within the signage industry. IMG_5043  IMG_5044   Below we have also included a bio on Ted Gaebler, our resident intern!  He remarks on his experiences going through the internship search as well as his time with Cirrus thus far.  

Ted Gaebler

                    Ted is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Southern Maine. For approximately 12 hours a week during the semester, he also interns with Cirrus Systems Inc. The program he is conducting his internship through is in its second year and is designed to give students an option to engage in internships during the school year.

How did you go about searching for an internship?

“A program actually matched me up with this internship. The program collects applications from both companies and students, then works to match them together. The program is done via the state legislature making the whole process fairly simple.”

What is your opinion on having an internship while taking classes?

“The university environment is a little bit chaotic and less focused. This experience is a great way to bridge the gap between school and the professional world. It is definitely invaluable to see what is being done and the tools being used within the industry. I highly recommend it.”

What do you think of Cirrus Systems, Inc.?

“I am very impressed with the people working here, they are very excited, knowledgeable, and helpful. I also enjoy our daily meetings that gage where everyone is. It really keeps the flow going. This company is also smaller than others I have worked with which provides me with more interaction with my coworkers which is a better way to learn. Whereas when I was in my own cubicle away from other developers there was not a lot of communication.”

Do you have any advice for other students looking to intern/or begin their job search?

Having interviewed a few times for different internships the common desired skill, I learned, is web-based knowledge in developing a web-based application and using a database. Being exposed to that in the job setting is very helpful. USM is now offering a class for this in a consolidated version. A lot of industries in this area rely on graduates so it is helpful to already have this type of experience before you graduate.

We’re Back From NSSA’s 2017 Sign Expo!

Last week we participated in NSSA's, the Northeast States Sign Association's, 2017 Sign Expo. This event took place in Hartford, CT and went from September 28th to the 29th. Two of our sales representatives, along with myself, were able to make our way down in order to showcase our SOLO Ice display. We specifically chose to showcase this display over our two additional display types (Blade X and SOLO Fire) because we are the only manufacturers of an all white display system. This made it quite the talking point at the event as people continually remarked on its clarity, brightness, and old-style feel. SOLO Ice has been particularly important because it is the perfect option for towns that do not allow RGB signage. Not only is it completely grayscale (incorporating 65,000 colors) but it also can mimic the look of a marquee. We had a great time showing off our display and discovering all of the other types of signage technology that makes up this great industry. Thank you to the hosts of the event, as well as its supporters, staff, and volunteers! NSSA 2017!! To learn more about our display technologies visit our products page. If you want to learn about upcoming events we will be attending as well as additional Cirrus Systems news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. 20170928_163407   20170928_164648   20170928_170606 20170929_120000   22050042_1448221238618556_5041198097791902946_n   20170928_173754 20170929_114329    20170928_122812

Friday Highlight!

Below is a picture of Beach Beverage Redemption's LED Display in Saco, Maine. This particular display is a 12 mm installation. Our Blade X display is available in three different resolutions. These different options are listed at the bottom of this post along with their recommended viewing distances. This is always an important aspect to consider when you are trying to determine which display is best for your business because your targeted audience needs to be able to see it. Not only that, you want them to see it clearly. The Blade X is available in either a 16mm, 12mm, or a 9mm resolution. The resolutions are measured by determining the distance between each LED. 9mm is our clearest display option and businesses that require more detailed pictures to be displayed on their signage prefer this option. Popular businesses that prefer this option are car dealerships because even seeing the rims can be important, as well as staffing locations that feature people in their content, and restaurants that post foodie pictures. Businesses with largely text-based content would not require such a detail-oriented display. Businesses with largely text-based content would not require such a detail-oriented display. The Beach Beverage Redemption center has chosen a display that is both easily visible from the road. It also has plenty of space for their text-based notifications. Cascade Place 2 Edit 2 9mm - Recommended viewing distance: 25 ft. 12mm - Recommended viewing distance: 35ft. 16mm - Recommended viewing distance: 60ft. For additional information on our LED Display options, follow onto our products page. Be sure to follow us on our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) too to learn about other popular installs and to see great examples of how different businesses have been implementing our displays. We will also be attending NSSA next week September 28th-29th. To learn more about that event, especially the who, what, when, where, click here!    

Visit Cirrus @ Booth 710!

See you at NSSA  |  September 28th - 29th!

The Northeast States Sign Association is hosting the 2017 Sign Expo in Connecticut this year! Cirrus Systems will be in attendance showing off our Blade X and Solo products, as well as taking physical entries into our contests and giving away additional merchandise. We are very excited for the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Hartford, take part in the different program activities, and meet others in the industry. If you too are attending or are in and around CT during this event, stop by booth 710 to:
  • Learn about today's most innovative digital display technology
Cirrus has developed a line of amazing low maintenance, weatherproof, customizable, LED displays. Our displays can let users experience 281 trillion colors in three different resolutions. Our modules don't have any moving parts that could fail over time. This way they also don't have to be monitored for moisture buildup or overheating.  In addition, our displays also have an IP67 rating meaning they can be submerged in water and stay protected from all elements.
  • Meet the first display manufacturers to use Cloud-Based software
Our LED Cloud software is easy to use and allows for the most optimized user design experience. This content management system can be accessed from any web-enabled device. It also provides the opportunity to manage multiple displays at once. With LED Cloud you can:  Schedule your content ahead of time Adjust your content brightness Add stock information Add trending news feed info AND SOO MUCH MORE!
  • Enter to win AWESOME GEAR to show off to your co-workers!
We will be giving away Cirrus T-shirts and the chance to win custom designed Cirrus Nike ID sneakers. Come by to see what other fun things we will have going on including our mini light show via our LED display samples!   Learn more about our products and our company in preparation for this New England event!

3 Reasons Digital Signage is for you!

Consider your business' location
  • If you are located along a busy route/street is your signage as easily identifiable and visually engaging as other business locations along the same route?
    • Digital signage can increase foot traffic because it is bright and stands out very easily. This is why it has become such a popular marketing option for businesses. Not upgrading your signage could leave you at a disadvantage to other local businesses.
  • If you are not easily visible from a busy street or active area how are you reaching new potential buyers?
    • Digital signage makes it easy for passerbys to find a business' location, even if it is not located directly in front of the business itself. Cirrus Systems' LEDs have minimum viewing distances of 25, 35, and 60 feet. So whether you just want people coming onto your side street to see you or you want a sign to reach the highway across the way, we have a solution for you.
Do you require a lot of different forms of marketing material due to announcements?
  • Sales, new location openings, building redesigns, special events, menu changes, holidays, availability changes - these are all events that create a need for more marketing material. Whether that translates into social posts, flyers, banners, or emails. Older signage options do not allow for these changes. The sign either ends up remaining stagnant. If the information currently on your sign is also relevant on top of a special event's info one of them has to be chosen over the other.
  • Digital displays allow for multiple "slides" of content to be utilized. You will always have enough slides for your ever-changing content needs.
  • Installing a digital display can also lead to less marketing/printing costs. Instead of paying per page you are only paying for the initial purchase of the sign.
Do you have friends in the business also utilizing digital signage?
  • Revenue is a huge factor. A digital sign can be a very expensive tool but it can certainly pay for itself. If you have a person whom you can ask to compare their revenue before and after they implemented their digital display you should get a much better sense of this.
  • The digital marketing industry is consistently growing, as included in one our previous blogs,  IHS estimated that 2016’s $6 billion market estimate would grow to $13.7 billion by 2021.
  • Ask the people you know, using digital signage option their opinion on their signage switch. How much more attention does it bring to their business? How easy is it to use?
If after reviewing all of these, you want to learn more, take a look at our products page here at Cirrus Systems, Inc. We can help work with your local sign shops to find the best LED display for you and your business.  

Friday Highlight!

Fridays come and go too quickly, just like the summer season which is coming to an end soon. In an attempt to keep your spirits up and your thoughts warm, here is a great picture of a local Saco area install! Rosa Linda's Family Restaurant in Saco, Maine currently uses one of our full-color displays. It is a perfectly situated, 12mm, double sided display. I always see it on my way to town during lunch, along with the hundreds of others traveling that route looking for food. Admittedly, this sign has even convinced yours truly to pull in for bread rolls. As always, be sure to like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to learn more about our LED displays. If you need any more convincing, remember that we were the first manufacturers to use cloud-based software in order to run/design/ and update our display technologies. In addition, our displays are as customizable as the content you design for them! Rosa Linda's 2 edited2

On The Road In Chicago!

Two of our esteemed staff have been traveling around Chicago this past week, learning about some of our new equipment! Recently, our operations had been moved the wonderful town of Saco, Maine. This was done so that we could begin to move our manufacturing division to our new location as well. Throughout the next few months, we will be receiving several large pieces of equipment as well as sending several staff members out for trainings on how to use them! Recently we received our first piece of major equipment. So as that came in, our selected staff headed out to beautiful Chicago for training.
"The training is basically learning how to program and configure the software to make our products and the techniques to minimize the time required to produce each. There are a lot of features that we are just covering the basics of and it will be up to us to experiment with them once we're done here to figure out the 'golden recipe' to make each product." ~ Christian Knight
From the looks of it they are enjoying themselves, based on the pictures they have sent thus far:   IMG_20170912_175058
IMG_20170912_175407_01  Chicago machine   We are very excited to be receiving our new manufacturing equipment! We will continue to keep everyone up to date about how things are going in-house as well as out on the road so be sure to follow us on Twitter, FB, and Instagram as well as checking back here for more information 🙂          

Larger Displays are Leading This Growing Market

Everything is Bigger in Texas they say, apparently we should be taking notes. There are two aspects of the digital signage industry that continue to grow. These would be the overall size of the displays we are using, and the value of the industry that is continuing to skyrocket. In a recently published demographic, IHS Markit released a market prediction of the digital display industry. This prediction also took into account favored display sizes.
“In the long term, public display revenue growth will be fueled by high demand for larger-sized displays, particularly in the education and corporate space,” said Sanju Khatri, director, digital signage and professional video at IHS Markit.
They have determined that the displays that will produce the most income will be over 65 inches. They also pointed out that displays in the range of 80 to 89 inches were seeing exceptionally fast revenue growth.

Additional Sources

As for the industry as a whole, IHS has estimated that from 2016's $6 billion the growth will be $13.7 billion by 2021. This would also mean approximately twice the number of display units would be produced and sold during this time. This is a similar prediction to the 2016 Digital Signage Market Analysis by Grand View Research.
"The industry is expected to witness substantial growth owing to its growing usage in corporate and hospitality sector. It is used in retail sector primarily for advertising in shopping malls and other self-service stores, which accounted for over 40.0% share in 2015. The availability of content with large size along with growing need to display minute details primarily in corporate and healthcare sector are expected to boost the demand over the next eight years."

Cirrus LED displays

Our displays are made to be built upon so they can grow alongside the market, literally and metaphorically. Our display modules can interlock, due to our universal framing. This provides you with space and opportunity to make your display larger. It also means that the LED panels can be switched out easily, leaving the framework as is. If RGB colors are more popular than single, purchase the RGB and switch them out with the all red panels. Recently, all white displays have become popular because when you are retrofitting, they provide a beautiful classic look. Switch out your Cirrus panels at any time to fit the times.

Haven't broken into this market yet? Contact us and learn about our latest products!

Friday Highlight!

This Friday we are stressing the Cirrus Systems brightness feature!

Scheduling your brightness is a very important aspect of owning and managing a sign. Every town has a specified light measurement that is allowed, usually measured in candelas. Every so often you will even find towns whose light requirements change throughout the day. This is due to several reasons like light pollution, dangerously bright signs could cause problems for people driving by, or perhaps the neighborhood age range is sensitive to the amount of light produced. No matter the issue, our LED Cloud software does provide a brightness scheduling option. This will allow you to set the standard brightness to change throughout the day, automatically. It will also allow you to schedule different brightness levels for different playlists. This means avoiding the town fines because of forgetting to change the brightness manually right at 6 PM. In addition to avoiding a black sign because it is being completely washed out by the sun. For more information on our features log onto our LED Cloud software. If you don't work with our Cirrus LED displays, visit our product pages. OR if you want to learn more about our new updates and features follow us on our social media sites: FB / TW / IN / LI Bedford Sign 8-23-17-1-19

The Design Potential of A Digital Display

Digital Display systems are highly underestimated when it comes to their design potential. Most probably assume that it the displays are solely meant to display a direct message in a series of different colors or scrolling speeds. This is not at all the case. Digital advertising provides us with a very diverse advertising platform. Consider that everyone is a customer or a consumer. We are continuously having sales pitches pushed into our faces via flyers, posters, online ads etcetera. As a result, we become more equipped to avoid them and less attracted to them. This makes it more and more difficult to draw people to any individual business.
Jeff Doud of MaxMedia remarked in his most recent post that, "Public spaces, retailers, malls, and lobbies often assume that their messaging or offers are the single most important component of their content strategy. I argue that this is the last thing that consumers, visitors, or guests want."
He suggests that customers are tired of the sales pitch and want to be influenced by a customized environment versus just a message. We are continuously reacting to the environment we are in. For example, I don't think any of us enjoy that we have to avoid contact with kiosk owners trying to hand out flyers in the mall. I would think we do enjoy walking past the stores that have pictures of adoptable puppies in the window. By creating a comfortable environment a direct relationship between the consumer and ad has been created. This is why Cirrus Systems is really your best advocate and tool when it comes to marketing your business.

This Idea Surrounds Several Points

  • A message is avoided while an art piece is appreciated. Cirrus systems let you customize your displays. Though this does include text size, color, and font, this also means the inclusion of design. Through our LED Cloud system, you can upload beautiful photos, fun videos, and even graphics/animations of your own design.
  • Have your art guide their eyes. With whatever artsy design decided upon, the message needs to be understandable. Here is an example:
  Clarks is obviously selling their newest kicks via digital displays. The crazy video behind it is centered on the shoe making it seem like the shoe is part of the display.  I couldn't pass this without taking a glance, that's for sure!
  • Lastly, create a message that is much more enjoyable to look at than the norm. This way more attention and foot traffic is brought into your store!
In order to create such dramatic effects, a quality display and software pairing is required. Cirrus Systems, Inc. provides beautiful digital display options from our SOLO devices ( our RED and GRAYSCALE displays) as well as our BLADE X full color (available in three resolutions 9mm, 12mm, 16mm) displays. These devices are also paired with our easy to use end user interface, the LED Cloud. this software allows you to customize any of your display's content. For more information on our display's visit our product page!