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Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine

Cirrus LED Systems is in the September 2013 issue of Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine. Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine is the most widely read publication in the industry of visual communications. The magazine offers a variety of headlines covering the signage industry and digital graphics professionals. Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine provides “comprehensive professional coverage on all aspects of commercial signage, commercial graphics production, electric LED-based signage and letter systems, architectural signage, electronic digital displays, vehicle wraps and much more." Read the Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine today, and check out their September 2013 issue that features Cirrus LED Systems at the NBM Show in Long Beach, CA. The excerpt highlights the NBM Show and covers our presentation of the N2 modular LED-display panel and frame system. The Sign & Digital Graphics website also features our Cloud-Based LED Systems in their videos section. Check out SD&G Magazine’s executive editor Ken Mergentime as he talks to Edward Urlik of IEC Interstate Electric and David Rycyna of Cirrus Systems about their cloud-based technology for LED displays.

News Feed App Now Available

The News Feed App is now available to all Cirrus users through the LED Cloud App Market! Allow the newly launched News Feed App to publish a variety of consistently updated headlines you choose on your N2 System! Your customers will be provided real time information with easy accessibility. Simply choose a category and customize its style, color, and positioning. Configure your own news feed and share them by adding it to your playlist within minutes! Like our Scrolling Text App, you are able to engage with your customers in a classic, yet distinguishable manner. Personalize and customize your news feed by using the given controls to adjust personal preference. Add the personalized preferences to your playlist and witness your News Feed App provide entertaining real time headlines to your N2 display! Overview:The News Feed App is dynamic and always keeps your viewers' eyes on the display! It adds a pop of color, personal configurations, and engaging content to your N2 System. Configuring your News Feed App is provided with drop down menu tools for quick and easy applications. Configuration Types: The app is available in full slide app or as a playlist widget. News Feed Options: Choose news origin/location, category, and subcategory. Animation Options: Choose behavior, time interval, and number of news to display. Show Options: Configure published time and news source. Style Options: Configure font family, font size, font weight, letter spacing and height among multiple categories: Global, News Title, Published Time, and News Source. Position Settings: Arrange styles with corresponding options: horizontal positioning and padding spacing. Color Settings: Configure background display and text colors with the provided drop down color palette.

Tri-State Sign Expo 2013

Cirrus Systems has showcased their one-of-a-kind N2 display at the Tri-State Sign Expo 2013 in Joplin! In August 2013, Cirrus LED Systems participated in the 3rd Annual Tri-State Sign Expo at the Downstream Casino Resort in Joplin, MO. At the sold out event, sign distributors and suppliers experience educational seminars, informative trade shows, and extensive networking possibilities. Attendees learn about new sign technology and materials, sales growth, product expansion and solutions, and many more! The Tradeshow Committee's goal is to provide the best experience and an overall productive event for sign companies that participate and attend. Cirrus LED Systems was able to network, advertise, and showcase our N2 displays to new and current followers! The Tri-State Sign Expo gets larger and more exciting each year. Matt Smith, Chair of the 2013 Tri-State Sign Expo Tradeshow Committee, shares that they expanded the number of booths this year because of their anticipation with new vendors for 2013. The committee has taken in all suggestions from the previous year’s Expo and implemented them into this year’s event. The 2013 Tri-State Sign Expo exceeded the public’s expectations, as it was the place to be to see the latest advancements in new products and services in the industry. Please Tri-State Sign Expo for a complete list of yearly events and updates. Details: Dates: August 8-10, 2013 (12pm – 4pm) Location: Downstream Casino Resort 2742 Ben Pell Dr. Joplin, MO 64804 Cirrus LED Systems would like to thank GSG for hosting us at the event! Hank Granberry founded GSG, originally named as Texas Sign Supply Company, in Dallas in 1950; the company provided supply materials for Texas’ sign industry. With its extensive growth, the company merged three companies into one to better serve the nation’s expanding customer base. From this merge, GSG (Graphic Solutions Group) became its new name in January of 2011. GSG continues to proudly share their half a century’s signage knowledge and experience to produce the highest quality of equipment and supplies. As technology advances daily, the company’s understanding of an ever-growing industry guarantees their dedication to bring about the right products right away. Today, GSG is the leading nationwide supplier to the sign, digital imaging, and screen-printing industries. Cirrus Systems would like to give a special thanks to GSG’s president, Mark Granberry and his team for hosting us at the 2013 Tri-State Sign Expo! Please check out GSG’s website, the exclusive distributor of Cirrus’ N2 System, for your everyday digital signage solutions.

Scrolling Text App Now Available

The Scrolling Text App is now available to all Cirrus users through the LED Cloud App Market! Make your words stand out with our new Scrolling Text App! Capture your audience’s attention by animating sports scores, bouncing lottery numbers and sliding word puzzles. Customized controls allow you to adjust scrolling speeds and text direction. Personalize your announcements with unique fonts from the vast Cirrus Font library and color palate. Enhance it further by modifying the font size, weight, letter spacing, line height, orientation and padding from top or left. There are three Scrolling Text configuration options: * Full Slides - create scrolling text over the full width of the canvas. * Widgets - display continuously scrolling text throughout a playlist. * Gadgets - are new to the App market. Read on to find out more about what they are and how they work. Slide Gadget - All new to our App Market Gadgets overlay scrolling text on an existing slide for its duration in a playlist. The Gadget feature was inspired by wanting custom image backgrounds on Widgets. The Gadget not only works over custom backgrounds, it also enables the user to display personalized scrolling text in a predefined field for the duration of the slide. You can now have the Golden Gate Bridge as your background with Giants’ latest game scores scrolling across the slide. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

New LED Cloud Features

Cirrus Systems has added new LED Cloud features, including the highly requested Copy Playlist feature and new Slide Transitions. All New Slide Transitions LED Cloud has all new Slide Transitions available in the Slides Editor. From Kaleidoscope transitions to 3D Cubes, your playlists will dazzle viewers with twenty six different effects at your fingertips. transition_cube_downNew Transition - Cube - The Cube transition gives a three dimensional feel by rotating slides on the surface of a cube. transition_slide_rightNew Transition - Slide - The Slide transition swipes existing slides away revealing the next one underneath. transition_kaleidoscopeNew Transition - Kaleidoscope - The Kaleidoscope transition pixelates the slide into view on a diagonal plane. transition_shuttersNew Transition - Blinds - The Blinds transition turns the slide into window shutters which open revealing the following slide underneath. Copying Playlists From One Display to Another Creating Playlists in LED Cloud is easy and intuitive, but now Cirrus has made it even easier by adding the new “Transfer Playlist” function! You can move playlists between displays, or copy playlists to multiple displays of the same dimensions in just a few mouse clicks. To move or copy a playlist, simply select the desired playlist and click the Transfer Playlist button (circled green in the screenshot below). Then pick the destination display name and choose copy or move from the Transfer type drop down menu, then click Transfer. transfer_playlist_snapshot Once your playlist is copied over to the desired display, you can modify each individual slide, add apps and widgets or leave it unchanged. Playlists are independent, so changes to one will not affect others. Your playlists are now ready to be scheduled.

2 Cents from an Industry Veteran

Meet Ed Kenny Jr. He has been a wholesaler in the sign industry for 44 years and couldn't be more excited about the Cirrus N2 Display System. As a veteran of the sign industry he has witnessed the evolution of materials, techniques and technology. He reminisces "When I started we used paint brushes and sheet metal." He adds, "Today the industry is 100% different. The N2 Display is an off the shelf product which can be assembled on demand to any size. It is backed by LED Cloud." This enthusiasm is shared by all Cirrus LED Distributors. Profile: Ed Kenny Jr has been working for New England Sign Supply for 44 years. He is pictured on the right showing off his N2 Sample display at a sign shop in Boston. Contact Information Phone: 1-800-343-5870 Email:

Cirrus Systems at The NBM Show July 18-20, 2013

Cirrus Systems will be attending The NBM Show in Long Beach to showcase their one of a kind N2 Display System! The completely modular N2 Display System is easy to build to any dimension, assembles in a snap, and is extremely energy efficient. Powered by LED Cloud content delivery system the N2 System defines the next generation of outdoor digital displays. Partnered with their exclusive Southwest regional distributor, Interstate Electric Corporation, Cirrus can be found in BOOTH 118 at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, July 18-20, 2013. About IEC IEC, originally known as Interstate Electric Co., is a leading full-line distributor for all components of the Sign, Lighting, Graphics, and Display industries. IEC is the exclusive distributor for the Cirrus N2 LED Display Systems in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada and Utah. Click here to contact IEC for sign supplies and N2 purchasing info in the Southwest. The Details: Dates: July 18-20, 2013 (10am-5pm) Location: Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center 300 E. Ocean Blvd Long Beach, CA 90802 Booth: To see a demo of the N2 Display visit the IEC Booth # 118 See you there!

New Promotional N2 LED Display Video

The N2 System features and The LED Cloud demystified. Watch the all new N2 promotional video and learn what makes the N2 System the most advanced in the market! See how the N2 tiles lightweight modular design allows for easy assembly and the LED Cloud creates content delivery on the go. [video_lightbox_youtube video_id="JD1bEF9UQB0" width="640" height="480" anchor="click here see the video."]

N2 LED System Now 20% More Efficient

We're happy to announce that recent enhancements to the N2's power system have resulted in a 20% decrease in power consumption. Cirrus recently implemented a revision to the N2’s power system. The exciting alteration served to decrease power consumption across all models by a factor of over 20% relative to the previous version. N2 was already the market leader in power consumption, using close to half the power of comparable systems. This new revision cements Cirrus’s lead in the category and is further proof of their commitment to perpetual product improvement. Previously, for 19mm, 12.7mm and 9.5mm models, the N2 was consuming a maximum of 36.4, 33.8, and 39.1 watts respectively on a per square foot basis. Those numbers have been revised to 28.7 watts for the 19mm, 26.9 watts for the 12.7mm and 29.1 watts for the 9.5mm since the system upgrade representing a power savings of well over 20%. Click here to see the updated Datasheet. More efficient displays run cooler and last longer. By producing a greener product, Cirrus produces a better product. It is one that will last longer, and save our customers significant dollars on their utility bills. Continue to follow this news section for future product enhancements and releases.

Cirrus Presents N2 Display at NSSA

Cirrus showed off the N2 System at the Northeast States Sign Association Trade Show in Lincoln, Rhode Island. Thanks to the NSSA ( for hosting such a great event and thanks in particular to our friends at New England Sign Supply ( The N2 System is available throughout the North East US through New England Sign Supply. Visit their Website or call them direct at 800-343-5870 to schedule your N2 demo!