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Thursdays at Two Too

For those of you who did not participate in the available guided walkthrough of the LED Cloud system today, did you know there's one on Thursday? Tuesdays and Thursdays mean demo days! The Cirrus LED Cloud receives updates all of the time! That means that if you haven't logged on in a few weeks, a month, a few months, you might not be completely up to date on all of these features available for your display use. A couple of months ago you may have noticed that the Cirrus LED Cloud underwent a bit of a transformation, so if you are a user on what we consider to be the "Old Cloud" a training is definitely a good thing to look into as you will need to be switched over. It might sound tedious but I assure you the trainings are short, to the point, and led by a very capable member of our staff. The length varies slightly but averages approximately 15 minutes, which is about the amount of time it takes your dishwasher to go through the cleaning cycle. What happens during this time, aside from your dishes drying, is you log into an online conference with our demo driver along with whomever else has scheduled time for the demo. You will then be given a rough overview of how the system works before delving into newly released features and trainings on how to use them. This is a great way to learn about what can make your display really "POP". For example, the Twitter Feed option allows you to see your companies feed right on your display! I have yet to see that on a sign in or around my town. This means that if I used it I would definitely draw some eyes, if only for the difference of it. These types of features allow the user to really mix up their content. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays could be your usual sale ads, then Tuesdays and Thursdays are Twitter days and the weekend can be the time you play around with live streaming videos. With the increasing amount of available options, it is only right that we give you the proper knowledge needed to use all of them. So keep in mind that if you are a user either on the old LED Cloud or the new, maybe check in with us and make sure you haven't missed anything.  

Tri-State Expo Recap

After a long trip filled with demos and fancy dinners, we are back from the Tri-State Sign Expo! As our reps settle back in I would like to first and foremost say that we were so glad to have been able to be a part of this event and all of the activities that went along with it. Amongst these were the 80s themed evening (in which some costumes certainly turned heads) and the live auction. We were very excited to see our auctioned dinner for two, go so quickly! Big thanks, also, to the Graphic Solutions Group (GSG) pictured with us below. As always it was a great time and we cannot wait for the potential to participate in this event with you again next year.  imagejpeg_1   For those who might not have known, a few of our own were down in Joplin, MO this past week. You can see representatives from both Cirrus (right) and GSG (left in the picture to the right. Below we also have a few pictures of our booth. We showcased our Blade X and Solo units, which have their information listed on our product page. So if you were not able to join us this past weekend I highly encourage you to go over to those pages and read about the different resolution and color options we currently provide. If you are looking to get in contact with us certainly call the number listed on our contact page as well as be able to leave us an email with any questions you might have. Next month, be on the look out because we are on the move again. In September we will be in Hartford, Connecticut for NSSA's Northeast Sign Expo September 28th and 29th. You can find updates on this upcoming event, as it approaches, on our social media pages.   IMG_0405           IMG_0404

Friday Highlight!

We are nearing the end of the Friday workday which leads us all into the freedom of the weekend. While you are taking what is left of the warmer weather why not check out our thriving social media pages? It is always a great way to enjoy your free time, scrolling through the funnies of Facebook and looking at fun photos. That reminds me, this week I want to highlight Cirrus LED's capabilities to sense each other. Capture 5b Cirrus LEDs don't only connect to each other, they find each other. This is what happens that allows an image or video to travel over the modules instead of being stopped at the edges of each panel. Like a romantic comedy, the panels are introduced to each other through their power connections. The display then goes through a mapping process to determine which image will go where and how it will all work together. Finally, once a sequence is identified they begin to share the information and work together to make beautiful images like the flower shown above. This is how the petals were able to expand from the middle out to the edges of the third screen. Even separated between sets of screens the displays don't miss a pixel, accommodating the length of the image.   For more images go to our Instagram, Pinterest, or Ello pages. For more information on our products, updates, and the occasional shout-outs follow our Facebook and Twitter pages. Of course, check out our home page as well. We have product descriptions and company information there. If you have any questions our call number is also listed.

Friday Highlight!

Every Friday we like to show off our users and sign shops by showing what kinds of displays they have chosen and the great content they have created for them.   This week's highlight is the Brown Grand Theatre's Marquee! They actually provided us with this fantastic film time lapse that depicts how they switched from an older style letter changer marquee to a brand new Cirrus LED digital display. The time lapse shows the evolution from one sign to the other. The hardest part of the whole process really looks to be the brick work they needed to incorporate their larger, custom sized display. The putting together of the sign itself is both straightforward and easy.   Cirrus displays use a hex head locking system which means that our individual and lightweight modules can be attached, and your full display built, on site. It is light enough to lift with little to no help and can be used in pre-existing display foundations such as the brick below, or can be used for retrofitting in marquee frames.  
This video can be found on the theatre's FB page as well as on Wildside Creative's (who filmed this).   For more videos, pictures, and display features, follow our social media pages (listed below). For more information about Cirrus, know that we post daily about product information and updates on our Main Page. We also post pictures of our displays, and blogs that describe the types of regulations associated with the use of LEDs. Our goal is to keep you informed to the best of our ability and we do that by keeping on our toes and making sure to get information out as often as possible. So stay in touch, you never know what hot topics you might miss! Facebook  Twitter Instagram Pinterest Ello        

Burning In

In order to make sure that we are consistently providing our sign shops with the highest quality technology, we test it ourselves. We make sure that every screen we sell is "burned in" which is a process of going through and checking that each led on each of our panels is functioning properly. To those in the warehouse, they understand that it is a long process that requires hours of playing through content throughout the day.  For those of us outside the shop, it is more of a fun activity as we get to walk through and watch the screens playing anything and everything from cooking tutorials to deep sea diving videos. I have a short clip of the process below. As fun as it looks, it is a pivotal piece of our process in which we make sure that what we are sending you is functioning properly and presenting all our visuals to the best clarity our LEDs can manage. (I highly recommend watching in full screen for video quality) This clip also provides a perfect example of the range of material that you can present on your digital displays. We are no longer limited to text only advertisements. We can add full-color pictures, videos, and shapes or animations. So like we do in the shop, have fun with it! make your displays as bright and interactive as you'd like. Then, shoot us a picture so we can brag about your display on our social media pages. We always love to see our users playing around with their content and creating amazing displays.      

It’s A Sign Shop Industry

Electrical sign shops are an industry in which most of these shops have evolved into. They have their roots traced back through scrolling marquees, graphic/painted billboards, changeable letter signs, print designs and print shops (flyers/posters), and even as rubber stamp shops. This leads me to the fact that many sign shops have been there for generations and buy from display shops that are as old as they are. The signage distribution market is an older market, so being that Cirrus is only a few years old ourselves, we have to be ready to step up and show that we can hold our own. When we made our way onto the field most sign shops already had a series of dealers that they trusted and they were not sure about what kind of impact we could create. We were a risk. This was understandable and we expected that. Most sign shops are facing a ratio of 1:10 employees to customers. They live in the same towns as most of their customers, they see them at the local soccer games, they go to the same coffee shops, they develop strong ties with them as they see them throughout their community. They want to sell them something they trust so they can keep those ties and generally, they want to help them make their business thrive as well as their own. We were a big risk when you think of it that way. Especially back then, but now....we are proof that the risk has paid off. Our digital displays have stepped up the digital marketing game. We have a lightweight reliable product that has made sign shops think differently about digital displays. We have a weatherproof design because we found a way to coat the modules to make them waterproof and avoided the fan problems that were occurring in older signs. We have a software that allows you to customize your display from your phones, iPads, and computers. Our display modules have only two power connections instead of ten and there is no size limit with our signs, vertical/horizontal, build away. We didn't break the market, sign shops have been able to recognize what we could offer them and their customers in the ways of technology and installation ease. We are improving the market. Making what the sign shops offer more functional, reliable, customizable, and easier to manage. DSC_0740

2017 Tri-State Sign Expo!

We are two days away from heading down to Joplin, Missouri for the 2017 Tri-State Sign Expo!  This means that from August 10 to the 12th we will be amidst the Downstream Casino Resort scene learning about the most popular marketing and advertising techniques used across the states. Of course, we will also be featuring our own displays too. On the twelfth, we will have a booth setup in the trade show pavilion.   Definitely, come down and visit our booth if you're in the area. We will have active LED display examples, brochures, and more. Our representatives will be more than happy to answer questions and provide you with additional information.  If you are interested in potentially buying from us our representatives can provide you with a quote or exchange information with you in order to contact you later with more details about each of our products.   The Tri-State Sign Association is representative of Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas. We have over 30 displays that are currently active throughout these areas. If anyone is open to taking a drive, go through Oklahoma City, OK. We have a whole slew of signs around that town in particular. We can't wait to head out and see y'all there!

Digital Media in the Marketing World

Outdoor LED Signs TheaterDigital media has become the main form of marketing. Everything is being upgraded to flashy signs and well-edited media. We not only prepare you for this new advertising reality but we also keep you ahead when you purchase a Cirrus Digital Display. Our adaptive technology allows for this consistent change of media advertising. Our signs are programmed through the LED Cloud. On this system, you can upload videos, change your screen's colors, add images, create text content, and that's not even touching half of it. These signs are something to look forward to as they become more prevalent when it comes to business use. These screens can fit anyone, anywhere. For example, movie theaters are famous for their beautiful, simple, white with black text signs that designate which movies are available. Many have already upgraded to LEDs that provide the same classic look but comes with being able to switch movie titles with the click of a button instead of inserting individual letters. Banks and credit unions have used our displays to showcase deals and bonus packages you receive when you sign up. Shopping markets have switched allowing the weekly sale items to be visible for miles. You will know ahead of time exactly when to purchase turkey or chicken and ham over bacon. Each time we release a new type of LED we can easily replace the older versions just by switching out LED panels. You will not have to take down the framework of your sign. As for our software, it receives updates on a regular basis meaning that we are always trying to keep our users on top of display trends. We will alert our users to the new features and host classes in which you can learn how to use them. Cirrus wants to equip you with all the tools and knowledge necessary to make your sign functional for you and attractive to the public.

Friday Highlight!

We like to show off at Cirrus at a bit. So I will let the end of this, the regular work week for most, with a display highlight! I am always on the lookout for new pictures to feature so if anyone has a display that they are particularly proud of then definitely shoot us a picture on one of our multiple social outlets that are linked and listed below.   Bank Insta If you are interested in checking out our more artsy outlets, definitely check out either: Ello Instagram Pinterest We are constantly posting our favorite display shots on these 🙂 If you are looking for more of an update, shout out, or blog post style then  I would suggest our: Twitter Facebook Then there is always our main website for the technical information if you are looking for display materials: Cirrus

Trade Show Recap

Last week we were in Memphis, today we are in Saco, and next week we are heading to Missouri for Tri State! We just cannot settle down. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, an update is in order. Last week from July 27th to the 30th two of our representatives attended SignConnexion 2017. As you can see, it was a mad house as hundreds of people came to see the different display types currently available. On Saturday, the day our booth was open for public viewing, we did nothing short of impress. Our LEDs held their own bringing people to our booth. Last week from July 27th to the 30th two of our representatives attended SignConnexion 2017. As you can see, it was a mad house as hundreds of people came to see the different display types currently available. On Saturday, the day our booth was open for public viewing, we did nothing short of impress as our displays continued to shine brightly through to the evening. Below are a few pictures from Saturday. Trade show booth    MSSA 1   MSSA 3 (2)   MSSA 4 We cannot wait for next year's MSSA conference! Next week we will be attending Tri-State's sign conference so stay tuned to find out more about that event, where it will be, where we will be setting up our booth etc. we will be posting updates throughout the next few days. If you want more ways to keep up with us throughout your week, check out our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even our Pinterest page!