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State by State: Missouri Signage Regulations

I will reiterate if only for my own sake, that before you purchase any display, make sure you review your state's signage regulations with your local sign shop. This will save you a headache later. Every state is different when it comes to their expectations of what a sign should look like and how it should perform. This week I decided to delve into Missouri's sign regulations. We will be heading out to that area this month for the Tri-State Sign Expo, more on that as it approaches, I better study up! (ch. section. part. number - Each of these official regulations has been paraphrased for an easier understanding, for the intention of this blog) 6.4. - First and foremost a permit must be granted for your display. 6.4.A - Each message that plays must be displayed for a minimum of 10 seconds. 6.4.G - Projected images and messages cannot be animated. 6.4.H - Your display's brightness cannot exceed 30o candelas per square meter (a measurement of how far the light is shown against the ground).

          * Many states have the illumination parameters listed by candelas. Double check whether it is by feet, candelas, or any other measurement

6.4.I.1+2 - If you are displaying numbers or text then only up to 20% of the sign can be digital. It can exceed 20% only if it is a minimum of 1,400 ft. from any other digital display allowed to exceed the 20% regulation.

Research these rules and parameters on your own time as well, they are much more complex in the official documents. Sign shops are well versed in their state and local township display rules. Sign owners should also take steps to become a bit more aware of how they are able to use their signs in accordance to their location. This information and more can be found at the following URL under chapter 6 Outdoor Advertising: *Note* Most states have their sign regulations publically listed under their Department of Transportation's web page or have more specified sections on outdoor advertising.

Unlimited Users

Rotating staff usually means that somebody has to be called up at home whenever something goes wrong or needs to be fixed at the place of business. Nobody likes getting work calls after hours. Thankfully, Cirrus LEDs can help prevent that. Our digital displays are controlled by a web based interface that the user controls and creates their own account on when they purchase from us. This interface allows for multiple users to be added to a single account. Our display owners can determine which of their employees have admin access to their digital displays in case a new sale sign needs to be added right away or if someone forgot to schedule a playlist for that particular day.This means that Sasha who comes in at 5 am to open the store doors can change the sign then go home at 12 pm. Then James can come in at 4 pm and change it again without anyone having to come in after their regular hours. The best part is that they can access the account without having to know the owner's original login credentials. The admin access will allow them to change the sign if need be without being able to change the owner's information/registration. This access can be given to an unlimited number of users. With this, different staff members can check to make sure each week's ads are ready to go during any work shift. There is no waiting for someone to get back from vacation or worrying about waking up your boss at midnight. No matter what the situation is you can have someone prepared to deal with your display as necessary, who is already up and moving around your business. To learn about the other features that go along with our displays, check out our main page!  

Communicating With Your Display

Digital Displays are changing faster than they can be installed. With that, we can expect to have a lot of confusion when it comes to upgrading old systems or figuring out how to use and program your current system of choice. This is when the support team comes to shine a light on the very dark process that can be: COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR DISPLAY Here at Cirrus Systems, INC. We offer two main forms of support for you and your display. These would be technical support and guided support.Cirrus LED Systems - LED Displays 2 Technical support is probably what first comes to mind if your display is malfunctioning. Before you call though, the first step in most cases is to check the power connections to make sure they are attached correctly. If you can get ahold of your local sign shop, you should have them take a look as well. This way you can rule out a problem at the local level (i.e. a power outage or a surge due to a local plant, perhaps the display power source is the problem). After this, consider calling us. Who knows our systems better? This doesn't mean that we know absolutely every answer to every question that comes our way. It does, however, mean that we will try to find one as fast as we can. Calling tech support would be for problems like half your panels are black and not responding or, a cluster of LEDs aren't working at all even if the rest of the sign is. Sometimes this might just mean a panel swap. Replacing LED panels are easy to do and don't take a lot of time. If your problems are more towards keeping up with feature changes on the software, then we have a second support channel to look into. Our in house specialist/ trainer/ demo guide can certainly help clear a few things up. As long as you have access to a computer, they can walk you through site navigation to make sure you understand how to set up slides, playlists, and a variety of other functions in order to design your signs. This is done by screen sharing on your computer. They will literally be able to see what you are doing and show you what they are doing. Our support teams are available during our normal business hours. We do have a contact portion of our website where you can leave an email or call the listed number in order to reach them. If you call I hope we can answer all of your questions!

State by State

When considering your signage and other display options you have to talk to your local sign shop. Not only are they a great resource when determining what sign to purchase, but they also know the state rules/regulations that go along with your signage. Each state has their own parameters, specific to the area limiting brightness, distances, and a host of other things. Today, since we recently made the switch over to a headquarters in Maine, I figured it would be good to take a look at Maine's specifications (only a handful of them) when it comes to our own LED displays. These regulations are paraphrased and are subject to change depending on your specific municipality and their ordinances. I found the following information online (website listed below), under Transportation Part1 Chapter 21. h/>ine defines an LED/digital display as the following: "Changeable sign" means an on-premises sign created, designed, manufactured or modified in such a way that its message may be electronically, digitally or mechanically altered by the complete substitution or replacement of one display by another on each side." ~ Section 11-A1 11-F. A changeable display can not exceed 25 feet above the adjacent ground level or nearest public traffic center line. 11-B1. A display can be changed no more than once every 20 minutes. 11-B2. Your different slides must change quickly, with no phasing, rolling, scrolling, flashing or blending. 11-H.  Size, illumination intensity, and the displaying of time and temperature must comply with standards set by the Department of Transportation. 11-D. Only one changeable sign with 2 sides is allowed for each public way that provides direct vehicular access to the business, facility or point of interest.  Other ordinances refer to which the types of public access ways your sign can be near and how many signs each business area can have on the premises. The elaboration on each of these and more can be found on: 1I3A9294-EDIT

SignConnexion 2017!

Led Installation We couldn't keep it to ourselves so we are bringing it to the trade shows! The newest Cirrus systems that are set to be featured this week are our Blade X and Solo units. The names sell themselves but we wanted to give it a try too. Our physical displays will be setup at the Sheraton in downtown Memphis on Saturday the 29th, for those of you who would like to swing by and take a look. Come talk to two of our best in order to learn more about both our full color and red scale/ grayscale display options. They will have plenty to talk to you about and enough of a light show packed in their suitcases to be sure to entertain! So while you are wandering around Memphis or even some of the other displays that will be present, stop by, introduce yourself, tell us about what you are looking for and what you need. Cirrus displays are customized for the needs of the buyer. We can help you figure out the best fit for you. Even if you don't buy during the event, we encourage you to contact us or leave your contact information with us so when you are ready, we will be too. *P.s. feel free to go selfie crazy, we want to know if you liked our display. Take a picture with one of our reps or with the LEDs! We are a little selfie crazy too.

Working Around Your Schedule

Most people have their own schedules whether it is a work schedule, a class schedule, or their child's extra curricular schedule. On a day to day basis, we have a lot to keep track of. This is why for numerous businesses, it would be immeasurably useful to be able to plan to advertise around their schedule. Even better, to be able to change their ads without having to pencil in when they will physically go out and do it. With an LED display you don't have to worry about going out to the display and switching the letters required to say "Boys Basketball game on Saturday at 3:00 pm". Another thing to avoid; having to consider how many B's you will have to actually do it. This is all avoidable with a Cirrus LED digital display. Instead, just schedule ahead of time when the announcements and ads will be visible throughout the week. For example: What if you are a restaurant with a pasta lunch special on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12 - 2? Just make sure you set the slide that describes the special to play only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during that time frame on the settings. You can set it to play every week thereafter. If the specials on Tuesday and Thursday are different just set a different playlist to be scheduled for those specific times. How about a movie theater that only shows movies for a month before switching them out?  Easy, set Titan 3 or whichever movie you'd like, to play for that one month in the settings. Select the days during the week, the time frame, and then how long you would like this selection to occur for. If you know that Candy Land 2 will be the film that takes Titan 3's place then set up a Candy Land 2 slide or playlist at the same time, but set it for the month after. --- Like the school example above too, you can set up different announcements to play on different days and at different times. This way you can alert parents as to which of the many sports events are coming up with ease and while avoiding confusion. If you have kids yourself, this also means not having to figure out when to update your display in between ballet or baseball practices after work. If there is any trouble, feel free to schedule a walkthrough with our Cirrus support. We will help you figure out how to design and setup your displays on our new web format to make it even easier on your day to day routine.   Lee's 1d  Lee's 1h Having a display option for night and day is also a  popular way of scheduling different ads.

Tennessee Showdown

17425940_1286588954739846_5163620735551033191_n Cirrus LED Systems, Inc. is heading to the land of country music in order to showcase and showdown! A.k.a. a few of our very own in house specialists will be attending SignConnexion 2017 hosted by the Mid South Sign Association! So while we are all just starting to feel the chills up here in Maine, they will be down in Memphis, TN from July 27th to July 30th enjoying the sun. If you happen to be in the market for a new advertising system and will be in and around the area, then this is a great opportunity for you to learn about our progressive technologies in person! We won't have any smoke n' mirrors, just LEDs and people. On the 29th, our representatives will have a public display at the Sheraton in downtown Memphis where you can see different versions of our physical displays. Namely, we will be discussing our newest LED display models the Blade X and Solo. The Blade X is our full-color LED display. It is available in three different resolutions: 9mm, 12mm, and 16mm. The Solo is available in either red scale or grayscale in the standard 15mm. Even if you are not looking to purchase a system right away, if you find us, come over and ask a few questions and pick up some information in case you'd like a few ideas for the future. If you need a few question suggestions, consider these: What can I do with the new live feed option?  How big can I build a sign?  Which sign would you suggest for _____ type of ad?  How hard are they to install?  What future updates can I be looking forward to?  Definitely, come find us and ask a few questions or pick up some information in case you'd like ideas for the future.

Cirrus Gets a Sign!!

Yep, we have finally installed our brand new Cirrus Systems, Inc. sign! A well-deserved face lift for the office from the previous "New England Truck" lettering that confused us all as we drove by. It's stylish, it's sleek, it's sharp, it's us. Luckily we have this beautiful time lapse, as taken by Thomas Tash from our marketing division, to show it off. This way, I can let the rest speak for itself.

Building LEDs

With building blocks we use to use as kids, you could be your own architect, your own construction worker, and your own designer. This was probably the most basic way for us to understand those principals, not that we noticed much as we were too busy building death stars and fast cars. One of the best parts about them, they were simple. LEDs can be too.  A lot of different companies offer products with extensive wiring and panel hookups that are required to make it work. Moreso, whenever you want to upgrade your display you have to order a totally different, new version, to replace yours with. Building a DisplayCirrus' displays aren't like that. Ours are buildable. If you want to make your displays bigger, you don't have to order a whole new display like you would with other suppliers.  Instead, you can just remove individual LED panels/modules.Want to change from a Blade X full-color display to a SOLO Ice? Sure thing, just remove the Color LED modules and send them to us, then we will send you the Ice modules. You don't have to take down your sign at all, not one frame. Just swap out the lights! FrameDo you want to make your sign bigger? We got you, just order the additional number of panels you think you need, and attach them right onto your existing sign. You can literally just attach them to the existing framework that you are already using. This is because our framework is universal for all of our signs. Not to mention, it is so lightweight and maneuverable that it can be assembled on site, without having to hire any additional help. So your upgrade just became a whole lot easier. Cirrus' display panels only have two plugs and four screws that attach each panel to the other. This way you can stay organized while avoiding jumbled wires and expensive, confusing connections, or wasted materials after upgrades. You can connect and build our displays as big or as small as you like. You can upgrade and order different color LEDs whenever you like because we keep it easy.  

We Are Weatherproof!

We have recently moved our base of operations from sunny Cali to chillysun-157126_1280 midcoast Maine. Probably the most drastic change you could experience with the United States. At least we have been lucky enough to catch New England during its kinder, warmer months. The same can't be said for all of our customers. Weather can be a huge concern for people that live in states like Florida, Kansas, Arizona, and Maine, just to name a few. You never know when you might encounter huge shifts causing hurricanes or tornados. For us up in vacation land, we are always dreading each year's record breaking snowfall. Though it might not be very reassuring during one of these events, it is always nice to know that at least your LED displays can hold their own when things go south. Our LED displays have an IP67 rating which means that they have been put through some rugged testing and proved to be capable of the following: They can be submerged in water, and can even withstand salt water. So if you ever happen to find yourself in cloud-37011_1280the middle of a monsoon or for some reason, decided to dunk your screen into a large bucket, it should be fine. This device will also resist heat and humidity. Now, this isn't to say that we think you should try to attempt to melt your device in direct sunlight, but if you did...well...I guess we can't complain. It is also impervious to dust. Unlike most CD players, you will not have to try to blow out the dirt that gets caught in it because there is none. All of this can mainly be attributed to two unique facts about Cirrus LED displays. The first is that we don't have any moving parts that can be affected by these factors and generally, stop working. Second, we use a conformal coating on all of our products. This is a vapor deposition process that coats every component and makes the system impermeable to adverse weather and particulate matter. This also happens to be how engineers protect electronics in extreme environments like those experienced by satellites or pacemakers.Pretty top notch if I do say so myself!