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Kickstarting Your Design Trends

Between you and I, I am probably not the best person to go to when you want to know what colors to splatter all over your sign. I would make a mess. So I went to an expert, Kate Fox, who practically runs Cirrus' display support. She was kind enough to provide me with a few startup tips when it comes to designing your first LED digital display. Tip #1 - Explore Your Neighborhood If you have never had a digital display before drive around till you find someone who does, or drive around till you find several of them. You might as well get a feel for what you like and don't like from other people's signs first. Maybe find out what a lot of them have in common so you know what types of sign design you may want to avoid in order to make yours stand out. Tip #2 - You Already Have Pictures When you log onto your Cirrus cloud account in order to access your sign, you will be happy to see that we have already given you a few pics to start playing with. These would be good to try as simple backgrounds and testers for you to see how the colors look on your personalized display.   Tip #3 - Test Your TextWiki_Space Invader For 90% of the projects that come across her desk, Kate will advocate for the clear text option. As a warning, it is not known to look very sleek while it's on your desktop but the display is a different story. Clear text was specifically designed for large pixelated display screens. This is why it doesn't look like your normal Times/Arial or other regular font types. If anything it looks like something out of the old space invaders game when you're designing it on a computer. But it works, try it out.   Tip #4 - Easy Match Ups Colors are definitely something to fiddle with. Normally Kate suggests that text based ads should have a light colored text on a dark background (like on the sign below), as people's eyes are normally drawn towards the lighter objects first. Borders are another really simple way to make your sign a bit more fun to look at. Especially if you have a text ad, try using color borders along the different edges of the sign. Whether you have a full-color display or a SOLO you can still play with the shading of your sign. The Solo's Fire and Ice can still show as just as much depth as the Blade X because it encompasses so many shades. To get a better feel for what your design will look like on the SOLO models, try designing in black and white to start. This way you aren't as surprised when your design is converted to a red scale or grayscale. In addition, if you are using a full-color display, keep an eye out for how bright the light is around your sign at different points of the day. Sun light tends to wash out yellow, red, and orange like colors. Tip #5 - Guess And Check You are really not going to know what you like until you play around with all of the options. Seriously, just take a day to combine random colors, images, and features. Switching your visuals is as easy as logging back in later and clicking a different ad playlist that you created. So if you don't like it, you can change it. Miami Beach  

Communication Dynamic

sign-size-new We are just beginning the work week which puts us right in the thick of things. What could be a better time than now to try to cut down on aggravating or confusing customers calls. Let us highlight our own communications as well as buying concerns here at Cirrus. When it comes to trying to figure out the best digital displays for a business, there are a lot of different points to consider. We try to make this process go a little smoother by communicating directly with your local Sign Shop in order to ensure that both the sign shop and the buyer are fully informed about the product they are interested in, and what it can do for them. We stay in contact with them throughout the purchasing and decision process. Of course, if the buyer wants to call us directly too, then they are more than welcome. The first thing the buyer should always consider is their budget. Our display setups are completely customizable which means you can order an LED board that is any size multiple of our 1x2 panels. Keep in mind that these displays are meant for a horizontal setup rather than a vertical. Consider too, your distance from the road. This may influence how big you would prefer a sign and what resolution would be best to allow passing traffic to see it more easily. Our Cirrus signs also come in an array of colors. Currently, we have two major display styles: Blade X and Solo. Blade X is our full-color display which is RGB, meaning it spans 281 trillion colors. The Solo comes in either a red scale or a grayscale (spanning approx. 65,000 colors within those spectrums). If you only expect to be displaying text then a full color may not be all that necessary whereas a company that wants rolling pictures of their best-selling cars may rather full color. Those looking for full color will also have three resolutions options as the Solo displays only have one option (15mm). These are just a few of the decisions that go into creating LED displays that are customized. Every decision could potentially change the price tag of the display you are looking to buy. Even more, some states have regulations on the brightness of your LED display pictures, for example how quickly pictures can move, what type/ how many displays can be used etc. These regulations are definitely something to review with your sign shop before purchasing or installing a display. They may also help you to determine what a healthy budget may be for your business. Keep in mind that even if the option you consider the most extravagant is outside your budget right now, that doesn't mean it can't be an option in the future! Cirrus signs are upgradable. This is made easy through our individual LED panels. The LED modules can be removed and replaced within your existing framework making your upgrade a seamless transition. Be sure to ask any questions you might have before making a purchase and review your ideal display option with your local sign shop to make sure you understand everything you may need to know! We want to make sure that your purchase truly is the best purchase for you. After all of this, you will be glad to know that designing your signs is definitely easier than deciding which sign best suits you. At least there's an app for that. S.K. 1  

5 Reasons Cirrus’ Solo LED Signs are a Sign-Shop’s Best Friend

July is hot and we are on FIRE because our SOLO LED Boards are selling like ICE cream on a hot summer day. Fire & IceCan you believe that we are half way through 2016?! Its time to go back to all those lukewarm leads, to convince the doubtful, to review those quotes and beat the competition. Find the five reasons why Cirrus Solo LED Sign System is the real heat of the moment and a sign-shop owner’s new best friend. 1.- Easy to upgrade, a great starter sign. Piggy Bank LogoHave a hesitant client? Someone that would really like an LED sign but doesn’t want to make a big financial commitment? Solo is a great affordable, grayscale LED Sign. Better yet, since our frames work with both Solo and Blade LED sign Systems, it’s a great starter sign. Convince the doubtful! They can buy an inexpensive grayscale sign now and a few years down the line -when they see the potential of a full color LED sign- they can easily switch from Solo LED panels to Blade LED boards. 2.- Displays Text, Images and Video. Cirrus’ Solo LED sign system is able to display crisp text, images and video in shades of red, in the case of the Solo Fire, or white, in the case of the Solo ICE . Not only that, our grayscale Solo LED system is normally less expensive than text-only, run-of-the-mill LED signs. And if you find a comparable product at a lower price, then take advantage of reason 3! 3.-Price Match Guarantee. After rigorous development, our engineers succeeded in producing lower cost panels without sacrificing any of Cirrus systems’ quality. Best of all? We price match against any domestic competitor with a comparable product. 4.- Best Pixel Pitch While most grayscale and monochrome LED sign systems are only available in high pixel pitch (20mm or 19mm) and out-dated technologies; the Solo LED sign System comes in a 15.25 mm pixel pitch. This means it displays sharp and clear images and videos allowing the sign to have the maximum effect even at closer range. 5.- Very Low Energy consumption Go-Green-With-CirrusThe Solo System is amazing for retrofits! Run a quote today or call your account rep directly to learn the exact specs of our system. The energy consumption is so low you probably won’t need to add additional power when replacing a reader board! Check it out today Differentiate your Sign Shop and bring your customer a new solution - The SOLO System by Email or call: 1.877.636.2331 Today.

How to Expand or Upgrade An LED Sign

How to Expand or Upgrade An LED Sign?

Never again have a client balk at the price of an LED display. Cirrus' modular system makes expansions and upgrades a great option for the hesitant or budget conscious.

Get into Digital with an Economical Grayscale System. When you are Ready, Easily Upgrade to Full Color

Our Solo System is a great way to get into digital. Our grayscale system is the most cost-effective LED display in the market. Unlike monochrome LED signs that only display Upgrade an LED Sign one color, our grayscale LED systems can display 65,000 shades of red, or white. Such a large range of gradients allows them to play videos or show images very effectively. This, in turn, makes them a really powerful advertising medium. Moreover, Solo has the highest resolution in the market. Making it the perfect stepping stone into LED displays. Once your customers realize the power of digital, they will want to upgrade. With other manufacturers, an upgrade means getting rid of the old sign and starting the process anew, with all the hassles that entails. This is expensive and time consuming. Not with Cirrus. Our LED Systems allow you to keep the current structure. Just remove the old Solo Panels and replace them with your new choice of Blade. It couldn't be easier. Read below to see how to do it.

Purchase a Smaller LED Sign. Then, use the Incremental Revenue the Sign Brings to Make the LED Display Bigger

Want a 4'x 8' full color LED display but can only afford a 2'x 4'? No problem with Cirrus! Tell your customer to buy the 2'x 4'. Then, let the LED display do its magic. The Upgrade an LED Signincrease in revenue will soon pay for the additional modules. Once ready, just buy the additional modules. Just add the new modules to the old structure and expand the sign. What other manufacturer can do that? None, only Cirrus. With us, your sign can be expanded an unlimited amount of times. Even years later, our color calibration technology will make sure that the colors on all the tiles match perfectly.

Expand an LED Sign

Cirrus' modular system makes expanding your sign easy. Simply purchase more panels and add them to the current structure. To add them to the current structure, follow the same steps you took when first constructing the sign.
1.- Arrow LED Sign Make sure that the arrows on all of the panels are aligned. They should all be on the same side and facing the same direction. 2.- Upgrade an LED Sign -Mount Screw panels together via the hex head bolts (screws). Then, mate the PEM nuts found on each frame. Adjoining frames should be connected by 4 (four) screw connections for a sturdy and reliable mount. An unlimited number of frames can be bolted together for any desired sign size. 3.- Upgrade an LED Sign -Copy of IMG_1449 Insert panels into frames. To do so, simply align the panels with the frames. Notice the four assembly holes in the front part of the panels. Those holes align with the four knobs on the back of the panel. 4. -IMG_1574Lock frames. Simply push the brackets to secure the panel firmly in place. Alternatively, the front of the panel has two small holes that fit an Allen key. To lock or unlock the panels from the front, simply insert the Allen key in the correct place and twist. 5. -Daisy Chain3 Daisy chain power/data cables. To do so, take the power/data cable that is already connected to the back of the panel and pass it through the holes between the frames. Take the male end of the waterproof circular connector at the end of the cable. Then, insert it in the empty female connector of the adjoining panel. Twist the lock to the right to securely connect the panels together. The connections can run left-to-right or right-to-left. The last panel of the row can be connected to the panel on top of it or below it. 6.- Upgrade an LED Sign- 9160573259_5bf835c0d4 At this point, we recommend you call our tech support team so we can help you during the remainder of the install: 1.877.636.2331 ext 110.

Upgrade an LED Sign

To upgrade an LED sign: front serv1.- Remove the old panels from the front using a hex key. Just find the holes in the front of the panels and twist. 2.- Place the new panels in. To do that, follow steps 3 to 6 above. Watch how to install an LED sign, simply contact sales or call us 1.887.636.2331 for more information.

LED Sign Design Guide

Cirrus Systems' LED Sign Design Guide

We prepared this LED Sign Design Guide because at Cirrus we believe that the sale is not the end but the beginning. Our job is to train you, provide you best practices, resources, and customer support to make sure your LED display is able to realize its true potential. That is why, we created this LED sign design guide to help with practical tips and helpful information on how to make the best use of your LED sign. Reaching the right audience, at the right time with the right message is the one of the most important things in good marketing. This guide will explain you how to craft good messages. It will explain: 1.- The importance of Planning 2.- Font size and messaging 3.- Colors 4.- Font types 5.- Borders and shadows 6.- Images and videos 7.- Message content 8.- Recency 9.- Testing Click the image to download LED sign design guide

LED Displays Under $2,000? Yes!

Offer Your Customer LED Displays For Under $2k

Have You Quoted Our Solo Lately?

How many customers have you lost due to sticker shock? Many sign buyers would love an LED display but aren't ready for the hefty price. LED displays under $2k solo-flyerA5-high-res-final Cirrus LED Systems has the perfect solution: 65,000 shades of color, video, cloud based software, energy efficient, weatherproof and superior materials all at the most affordable price in the market.
The highest quality at the lowest cost. Starting at $199 per Sq Ft. Cirrus LED Systems are a no-brainer. What are you waiting for? Revisit all those quotes and convert them into happy customers!
You won't find a better product, but if you find a better price, we'll match it!

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New LED Displays are Getting this Spiffy New T-shirt

Great news! All new LED displays leaving our warehouse are shipping with a new design of our collectible, great-looking Cirrus T-shirts! Previous versions of our T-shirts have been enthusiastically received. Since their release, customers have been asking when a new design will come out to expand their Cirrus LED Systems T-Shirt collection. Well, today, we are happy to announce that a new design is here. We hope you like it!

As if You Needed More Reasons To Get New LED Displays From Cirrus

Gray-Red Cirrus LED Displays Systems T-shirt for all new LED displays Well, now you have one. The new T-shirts are out. Check them out and let us know what you think. The newer model features our logo in red over a gray background. The C in the Cirrus LED Systems' logo is prominently displayed in the front surrounded by solid red dots. Gray-Red Cirrus LED Displays Systems T-shirt back for all new LED displays A smaller C surrounded by red outlined dots decorates the back. Since August last year, our sign shops have been receiving a complimentary Cirrus LED Systems’ T-shirt with all new LED displays shipped to them. Old versions of the shirt are gone forever, so make sure to place orders frequently if you want to own the whole collection. If you are an end user and want a T-shirt, please, let us know.

Compare to Our Previous T-shirts

This is the third design in our complimentary T-shirts collectior and we hope it is your favorite. Previously,Previously we had a gray on gray and blue on blue version. How do you like our new T-shirt? Gray- Gray Cirrus LED Signs Systems T-shirt free with new LED Displays Gray- Gray Cirrus LED Signs Systems T-shirt back- free with new LED Displays Blue-Blue Cirrus LED Displays Systems T-shirt free with new LED Displays Blue-Blue Cirrus LED Displays Systems T-shirt back- free with new LED Displays Which one is your favorite? Let us know by commenting below sending us an email to Or let us know on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google plus, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Learn more about how to get new LED displays from Cirrus, visit our Blade Page for full color displays, and our Solo Page for grayscale LED displays.

David Rycyna, founder and CEO of Cirrus LED Systems, one of the best leaders in the market according to Axial

This month, our CEO and founder, David Rycyna, was named one of Axial's "Growth 100: The best and brightest leaders in the middle market." This honor was in part due to Cirrus' constant innovation. "When one of his clients was working on a project in the outdoor LED screen industry, he realized the industry was devoid of any real innovation. That realization led to the foundation of Cirrus Systems, which today makes software and manufactures an interchangeable tile system for outdoor LED signage. Customers like banks can market going interest rates seamlessly, or Dunkin’ Donuts can advertise a current promotion," comments the Axial's article. They also recognized us for our excellent customer experience and success at building relationships. For more information visit the Axial's Growth 100 page.

Digital LED Display: 5 Reasons 2016 is the Year to Invest in Them

Digital LED Display: 5 Reasons 2016 is the Year to Invest in Them

5 reasons for a digital LED displayDigital LED Displays' popularity has been on the rise for years. Outdoor signs have been one of the most popular methods of advertising since ancient Egypt. From carved stones to the most modern LCDs and LED screens, outdoor signage has been a constant throughout history. Still, after so many years, billboards and EMC’s advertising growth rate outperforms all other traditional media. Moreover, Forrester just posted a report on “Why 2016 Will Be The Year Of Digital Signage And Displays”. We believe Forrester is right. The future holds big things for digital displays. In the coming years, LCD, plasma and LED screens will grow faster than ever before. Their evolution will be stunning.That is why wise people will invest now to stay ahead of the curve. Sign shops will need to provide solid digital LED display options to win in this expanding market. Businesses will need to buy LED screens to stay ahead of the competition and captivate consumers. What are the reasons behind all this?

Digital LED Display: Five Top Reasons

1.- Growth Rate: Out of home (OOH) advertising has been steadily growing for 24 consecutive quarters. Its growth rate is expected to outperform all other traditional media in 2016. Digital screens (such as LED signs) are the reason for this increase. OOH digital advertising is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 9.8%. The digital signage industry is predicted to hit in excess of $20b by 2020. An increment in the requests for digital LED displays will undeniably follow this trend. No sign shop can be caught unprepared. This is the time to take advantage of this business opportunity. Finding the right LED manufacturer to partner with will be a determinant for success. Innovation and technical expertise would be a good criteria to base that selection. Read our top ten questions to ask LED manufacturers to find out more. 2.- Hardware Advances: “Smart” is not only for phones any more. Modern LED boards now come equipped with several sensors. Many more will probably be added in the future. This makes screens more reliable. It also allows for remote diagnostics. Moreover, sensors can send preventive notifications. That way, proactive measures can be taken before there is a problem with the LED screen. LED signs now last longer, foresee errors and can be fixed remotely. Gone should be the days of clunky, difficult to maneuver LED signs. LED boards are becoming slimmer and lighter. Moreover, LED panels are increasingly modular. No more waiting for months to get an LED sign. Modular, light LED panels can be stocked and shipped within minutes of ordering. This new panels can easily be transported. Even better, modular LED signs can be assembled in a short period of time by someone with little knowledge. Meaning the barriers sign shops encounter to entering this new market are much lower now. Digital LED display Solo FIRE Half BuiltA Digital LED display is “green”. Another buzzword of the day, but nonetheless true. Greener signs not only benefit the environment. They also do wonders for wallets. Digital signs reduce the cost of materials. Less materials is required to print new signs. Less paper and ink are wasted on internal communication and tests. New, easy to use software allows for non-designers to produce content. Studies have shown average $40,474 on the cost of designers is saved going digital. It also saves on the cost of installers, fuel, and transportation. Each time a new sign is erected, each of its parts needs to be transported, often across the globe. And then, installed by professionals. A digital sign has to be installed once. After that, its message can be updated regularly at very little cost. Additionally, new advances in LED sign’s design cut the electric cost of owning a Digital LED display in almost half. All these innovations makes selling and buying a Digital LED display easier. Sign shops’ employees need less training. Customer service costs go down. The time between ordering and installing is shortened considerably. Furthermore, it makes owning an LED screen cheaper and more attractive. 3.- Software Advances: In the past few years, huge advances were made possible by wireless technology. Now LED signs are not tied to one computer any longer. Cloud based software allows for accessible, easy, and intuitive use of LED displays. Finally LED content management software is catching up to the rest of the tech industry. Advances in software makes the LED screens much more user friendly. Content now can be designed, tested and updated easily. It’s never been simpler to prove the value of the investment. Marketing teams can easily get on board. On the other side, sensors are complemented with embedded software. This allows for remote preventive and diagnostic tools. Customer service calls are shorter and more productive. Most signs problems get fixed within minutes over the phone. This saves the sign shop time and money. This also results in happier digital LED display owners. Happy owners recommend the purchase to other businesses. 4.- LED signs are becoming Social (And using Apps): The advertising world is moving from informative to social. 84% of millennials claim to not trust traditional advertising anymore. “Fundamentally our relationship with consumers is broken,” said Sean Foster, chief executive (CEO) of marketing platform Crowdtap. “Consumers today want a different relationship from what they are getting right now from many brands, because social media has changed and continues to change everything.“ And add to it DVR technologies imply most people skip TV commercials. The result? Marketers are desperate to find new ways to engage their audience. The owners of digital displays are in luck! The elusive 18- to 34 year old demographic has especially positive attitudes towards out of home advertising. Over 50% of young adults claim outdoor billboards are attractive and make the commute interesting. Moreover, 86% of them said they have useful information. In 2016 more advanced software offer integration with social media. Now LED sign owners can link their signs to their facebook or twitter accounts. That allows for more direct and effective communication with a new, reticent audience. Moreover, the more sophisticated software offerings also offer a plethora of apps and content library to tailor the LED sign to different needs. 5.- Digital LED Display by the numbers: If the previous statements haven’t convinced you yet. Look at some very interesting numbers relevant to the industry: * Digital Displays capture 400% more views than static displays * 8/10 customers claim to have entered a store because of a sign catching their interest * 7/10 customers claim to have purchased a product or service because of a sign catching their interest * 83% recall rate on ads seen on digital billboards in the past 30 days (much higher rate than any other form of traditional media) * 15 to 150 % increase in sales with electronic Electronic Message Centers (EMCs), in addition to traditional signage. Add changes in behavior to advances in software, hardware and growth rates. There is no doubt why LED sign demand will increase significantly in the next few years. Don’t let your competition beat you. It is imperative to take action right now, before it's too late. If you are a sign shop and don’t offer LED signs, consider making it your new year's resolutions. If you offer them, this new year is a perfect time to review your options. You need to be looking at new advances to make sure you are providing the best to your clients. If you are a business owner consider buying a digital display. There has never been a better time to do it than this year. To learn more about the digital LED display design revolution visit our product pages. For full color LED signs visit Blade, for grayscale visit SOLO. Let us know what you think of this post by posting a comment below, sending us an email to Or let us know on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google plus, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

LED Display Web Based Software (LED CLOUD) Weekly Q&A sessions

Cirrus is now offering LED Display Web Based Software (LED CLOUD)Q&A sessions EVERY week

Have questions about our LED display web based software (LED Cloud) and don't know who to ask? Don't have questions but would love to learn more about our LED cloud content management software? Do you want to be able to maximize the impact of your LED sign? Then this space is for you!
Every Tuesday at 2 PM Eastern time (1 PM Central & 11 AM Pacific) call our open forum to ask any LED cloud software question you might have. Find answers to questions such as "How do I add a picture?", "How do I add a border to my text?", "How do I use the apps?".
LED Display Web Based Software Every month we'll cover a topic and each week we'll discuss a different aspect of that topic. Check our calendar to see what we will be discussing next.
When: Every Tuesday 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm EST (1 PM Central & 11 AM Pacific)
Who: All Cirrus Systems owners
  • Call: 605-562-3180 & dial access code: 221-760-411
  • Web:, Click on "Join meeting" (top right), enter access code* -- Code: Cirrusled2
  • Maximize your Cirrus' Sign potential
  • Discover LED Cloud features
  • Get design tips
  • Ask questions
  • Learn from fellow LED Cloud users
  • Give suggestions
Have your own topics you want to see included in the list? Let us know what you think of this post by posting a comment below, sending us an email to Or let us know on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google plus, LinkedIn, or Instagram.