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Going International

We're going International! Thanks to our newest distributor, EM Plastic. Partnering up with EM Plastic, our N2 Outdoor LED Display Signs have become even more accessible with their 9 locations in Canada. Visit their website today for more information.

LED Lease Promotion

Take advantage of Cirrus leasing program today! Did you know you and your customers can lease a Cirrus N2 Display? Cirrus brings you an LED Display for just $99 a month* for the first three months of your lease. - This offer is valid until May 30, 2014 - No costs or obligations - Contact Cirrus today for an application. Phone: 877-636-2331 or Email: * Offer is subject to credit and equipment approval. Only valid on NEW transactions and business of 2+ years. Check our leasing page for the most current information.

Offline Playlist Feature Added!

New features added to LED Cloud software! Cirrus launches their latest features to LED Cloud. This month we completed the development of the LED Cloud Offline Playlist feature. The new feature allows users to set up an offline playlist that will play when a display loses internet connection. The new feature is available immediately to displays that are live. The offline playlist allows still images and texts to be displayed when your display is not connected to the internet. Your display will always have a playlist running. The Offline Playlist will continue to run until your display receives internet connection, then the normally scheduled playlist will automatically resume. Never be left with a blank display! Check out the new feature by logging in to your LED Cloud account today.

Cirrus Premieres at MSSA

Cirrus N2 Systems makes their MSSA premier during the Sneak Peek portion of the event in Bentonville, Arkansas! The conference is an annual event to educate the MSSA community which is full of innovative members in the sign industry. Cirrus LED Systems presented at the MSSA Conference, a community that is dedicated to improving the sign industry and keeps members up to date on the latest news. We are happy to be part of such a great event, March's New Ideas, New Possibilities Conference. This is one of two educational conferences that are hosted annually. Pictured here is our very own, Courtney Foley presenting to members. She boasts of how well the event turned out. MSSA members were excited about the N2 System and all it's industry changing aspects. Attendees were pleasantly surprised when they found out about the "Zero Lead Time," the modular display system, and it's retrofit capabilities, just to name a few... The conference is an annual event to educate the MSSA community full of innovative members in the sign industry. Cirrus N2 Systems premiered during the Sneak Peek version of the event. Cirrus Systems would like to give a special thanks to MSSA for hosting us at the 2014 Mid South Sign Association Conference!

Cirrus LED to Present at MSSA

Cirrus Systems will be featured at the Mid South Sign South Association conference tomorrow! A tour of Walmart Sign Manufacturing Facility and The Original Walton's 5 and 10, was part of Mid South Sign Association conference, “New Ideas, New Possibilities”. Cirrus N2 will be presenting tomorrow at the conference, Saturday, March 8th, during the “Sneak Peek” of New 2014 Products. Location: Double Tree Suites 301 SE Walton Blvd. Bentonville, Arkansasa 72712 March 8, 2014 (8:30am - 10:30am) Thank you to the MSSA ( for hosting such an exciting event.

Font Options Added to ClearText Editor

Today Cirrus released new font types and sizes, augmenting the latest feature, ClearText Editor, to enhance display customization even further! In pursuit of our goal of making LED Cloud the easiest and most robust content management system available, Cirrus has added more features to the ClearText Editor giving users more options to freely design the content on their display. Now, instead of the single option of either large or small clear fonts, we have enabled multiple clear text font types and sizes . With these added features, users are now able to choose from a list of either 'small', 'medium', and 'large', size fonts that make it easier to select texts that are fit for your display. In addition to the font sizes, there are different font type families available listed under each font size allowing users to more suitably personalize their display. What do the font names mean under the ClearText Font dropdown list? Let's take Clear Font 7_1 for example: The first number, 7, is the pixel count in height, while the second number, 1, is the design type. We provide two buttons, "normal" and "double". Each font can be of normal size or double the pixel size. In this case, choose "normal" to create a text with a pixel height of 7. Or choose "double" size to create a text with a pixel height of 14. Log in to your LED Cloud account today ( and navigate to the Slide Editor within the Slides tab to see all the new fonts now available under the ClearText Editor.

USSC Sign World Int’l 2013

Cirrus Systems will be featured at the USSC Sign World International 2013 next week! The completely modular N2 Display System is the next generation in LED Displays. It can be easily built to any dimension, assembles in a snap, and is extremely energy efficient. Powered by LED Cloud content management system the N2 System is conveniently accessible anywhere with internet access. The Details: Dates: December 5 - 7, 2013 (8:30am – 4pm) Location: One Convention Blvd. Atlantic City, NJ 08401 Sign World International is the annual trade show and educational conference of the United States Sign Council. In addition to its outstanding educational program, it is the sign industry’s premier buying show, providing exhibit hall attendees with unprecedented year-end bargains on products and supplies. Visit their site for more information on the event: Cirrus LED Systems would like to thank Martin Supply ( for hosting us at the event. The N2 System is available throughout the Mid-Atlantic region through Martin Supply. Visit their Website or call them direct at 800.282.5440 (Baltimore, MD location) to schedule your N2 demo!

Clear Text Editor Released

Cirrus just launched a new text editor that maximizes text clarity! LED Cloud was designed with freedom and usability in mind.Our original text editor was a personification of that. Any text could be placed in any location and in any format within the slide editor. Users aren’t restricted to strict guidelines. That functionality works great for larger displays where there are a large number of pixels to spread the text across. What about the user who has a 1’ X 5’ 19mm pitch display that he or she wants to use to display a few lines of text as clearly as possible given the relatively small size of the display? Introducing Clear Text Clear text is an add-on feature to the slide editor.It is its own separate text editor. Large and small versions of our clearest font were created to maximize the amount of text that could be clearly displayed on a display. Clear text works by snapping the specially created text to a grid that is overlaid on the slide editor. The grid is dynamically generated based on the size of the display, the pitch, and therefore the overall resolution. By snapping to the grid the text locks on to individual pixels, making sure those pixels are lit completely and the surrounding pixels are off for ultimate contrast. The grid concept that we have created allows us to give users the ability to fully customize their text and its placement, like with our original text editor, while allowing for the resulting message to be displayed crisply and perfectly on users LED display. Log in to your LED Cloud account today ( and move to the Slide Editor within the Slides tab to try out the new feature.

Enhance Your Workouts

This new app is developed exclusively for the professionals at The Club by George Foreman III. This application is available for trainers and other users at The Club. The visually enhanced countdown timer assists your workouts during interval training, robust cardio exercise, and other fitness routines designed by professionals and trainers themselves. The app is available on LED Cloud and can easily be implemented on your N2 display system, which can also be controlled by any iPhone from any location. Simply log on to your LED Cloud account and install it from the App Market. With The Club by GFIII, users can select specified 60 or 30 second rest time, toggle between a 2 or 3 minute workout intervals, and view the duration time remaining in their workout. you can also start, stop, and reset your timer on your iPhone mobile device during a fitness session. This app is designed exclusively for members of The Club to make workouts more exciting and engaging. The Club by GFIII Live app was created to meet the specific requirements of the professionals at The Club, Boston's newest fitness phenomenon. After exchanging the ideas and drawing up a prototype, Cirrus tailored the app to meet the needs of this unique customer request. While most display manufacturers lack the infrastructure or technical capabilities, Cirrus was able to create a turnkey bespoke solution to bring the vision of The Club to life. Contact a Cirrus representative today to learn what we can do for you and your customers!

iPad Accessibility and Display Sync

Display Synchronization is now available in the LED Cloud Apps for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. Cirrus also added iPad compatibility for all Cirrus users! Interact with your Cirrus display from any location and on any device with the ultimate in accessibility and convenience. Enhance communication with your customers in a more efficient manor with the latest release of the Cirrus LED Cloud app. With LED Cloud, you can seamlessly edit and manipulate your N2 displays through Android and iOS devices. The Display Synchronization feature has now been added to allow you to sync the content of your N2 displays on the go. This increases productivity as all Cirrus users can now easily update their N2 systems multiple ways. To expand accessibility, Cirrus LED Cloud is also now supported on the iPad! This exciting new addition to LED Cloud offers the increased freedom to configure your LED displays on additional devices.