Enterprise Signs

Transform the customer experience, boost your advertising efforts, and dramatically increase sales.
High quality, high resolution digital displays to
help you showcase today’s ultra rich content.
Create any size digital canvas with our quick-
connect, modular framework and see an
immediate ROI.
Powerful and affordable
Turnkey solutions for enterprise digital signage needs

Unleash your marketing potential with the industry-leading digital display solution: BladeM LED displays + ScreenHub content management software.

BladeM LED displays

  • Ultra-high resolution: 9, 6, and 4mm displays with full-color pictures, dynamic videos, and text-based messaging.
  • Thin & lightweight: 60 percent lighter than the competition, making it easy to install anywhere - at the roadside, building frontage, drive-thru, curbside, etc.
  • Modular framework: Create any size display with 1ft x 2ft quick-connect panels.
  • Future Proof Tech: Solid-state, no moving parts, and IP67 rated for the most extreme weather conditions.

ScreenHub software

  • Cloud-based & hardware agnostic: Compatible with any synchronous outdoor digital display, including LED display boards and message centers, as well as indoor screens such as plasma screens, LCD panels, and more.
  • Simple & intuitive: Control and manage one or thousands of digital displays from any web-enabled Mac, PC, tablet, or smartphone no matter where they are and no matter where you are – at any time.
  • Built for enterprise: Create groups in ScreenHub and schedule content for multiple screens at the same time. Organize by regions, messaging, or time zones.
  • Hardware integration: Monitor the health and security of your digital displays and get proactive alerts.
Who we work with
Diverse solutions for diverse industries

The Cirrus Enterprise Display Solution enables you to provide an immersive, personalized experience for your customers - and our Design Team is here to help shape the journey. More than just roadside signage, Cirrus delivers diverse solutions for diverse industries including:


  • C-stores
  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Financial

Signage solutions:

  • Building frontage and siding
  • Interactive curbside
  • Drive-thru
  • Canopies
  • Parking lot
  • Roadside
  • Point of purchase (POP)
Why Cirrus?
5 reasons Cirrus is the best choice
Customer-Centric Team & Culture. Each and every process starts and ends with our customer satisfaction in mind. Our concierge-level sales team works with our premier partners and dedicated internal customer service and tech support teams to deliver a personalized and premium service to meet our customers' specific needs.
Most Advanced Technology. Our technological expertise, passion for developing new technologies, and the ability to continue to explore and create new innovations set us apart.

  • BladeM is produced on the most advanced SMT line in North American using state-of-the-art robotics and engineering.

  • Advanced solid-state technology in connection with modules that have a high-speed microprocessor with artificial intelligence.

  • Future-proof modular applications allow you to easily expand existing displays.

  • ScreenHub is a hardware-agnostic content management web application software that manages content and monitors health and performance on every single LED module in our network.

Innovation is in our DNA. We believe in the power of Innovation to make lives better. Therefore, we strive to innovate and consistently seek new and better ways to serve our customers. Award winning hardware and software. We continue to be recognized by industry leaders in the Innovation Category.
Exceptional Quality. We bring you the highest quality displays to deliver real business results. We offer a 5-year hardware warranty with an optional 5-year peace of mind service warranty. In addition, our LED displays deliver 281 trillion colors for striking visual detail and a 100,000-hour plus lifespan. Our displays are IP67 rated, front and back, which means they’re completely sealed, protected against the effects of long periods of dust and water immersion.
Additional Value-added Services. We offer additional value-added services to help you grow your business. Some examples of these services include: Free ScreenHub cloud software with lifetime training and unlimited support, corporate programs for national brands, and a low-cost subscription option.
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