Entertainment Digital Signage

Increase attendance and grow revenue
Show-stopping LED signs like those created by Cirrus hardware and software are just the ticket to increase engagement and participation.
Increase revenue
Boost earnings with entertainment digital signage
Showcase your movies, plays, and other events never like before with our entertainment digital signage and increase revenue. Beautiful images, animated text, and eye-catching videos promoting your offerings help to grow attendance by informing passers-by of upcoming and current events while creating memorable experiences inside your facility. In fact, “show-stopping” LED signs like those produced by Cirrus hardware and software are just the ticket to increasing engagement and participation.
You can use entertainment digital signage to:
Modernize your image to attract younger people
Grow ticket sales income by attracting larger audiences
Offer entertainment during downtimes and intermissions
Decrease the perception of long wait times
Preview upcoming events via captivating images and videos
Update show times, ticket prices and other information
Direct audience members to their seats, exits, restrooms, etc.
Provide translations during foreign-language films and operas
Remind attendees that the intermission is ending
Create food kiosk menus with offerings and prices
Cross-market your events with other, similar venues
Generate revenue with paid advertising or sponsorships
Post emergency messages and instructions as needed
Choose Cirrus
Our digital signage outperforms the competition

When you’re ready to consider installing entertainment digital signage, what should you seek? To achieve a meaningful return on your investment, your display must be able to deliver beautiful, clear pictures, videos and text. Not all LED screens are created equal — an inferior low-resolution or text-only display simply cannot provide the quality that the superior yet affordable Cirrus system can. Our interconnected hardware and software combine to offer a meaningful return on your investment. When you’re ready to commit to LED signage, connect with Cirrus and set yourself apart from the competition.