Healthcare Signs

Give your healthcare business the best digital signage treatment
High-resolution digital signage helps attract
and retain new patients, increase engagement,
and improve communications during these
unprecedented times.
Healthcare digital signage
Effective communication
Build successful patient relationships by keeping your patients informed, connected, and engaged

Effective communication is one of the most important aspects of building and maintaining the highest level of provider–patient relationships.  More and more medical centers and hospitals have started utilizing outdoor digital signage to communicate the scope of the safety measures that they have put in place to protect all of their patients and staff members. In addition, digital signage helps to convey various safety precautions, emergency care, and what patients should expect when they arrive at medical centers and hospitals.

Healthcare digital signs are generally used to:

Regularly change your content to highlight daily and monthly healthcare awareness issues to your patients
Keep staff and patients safe and informed with visitor instructions, service updates, holiday hours, and/or emergency notifications, etc.
Offer motivational, educational and helpful messages
Help direct people where to go when getting tested for COVID-19 and where to get vaccinated
Engage and inspire patients with cohesive brand messaging
On-site way-finding and traffic flow solutions
Queue management (now serving, wait times, etc.)
Entertain with full-color video to reduce perceived wait times
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Effective digital signage without the high out-of-pocket costs
When you decide the time is right to install digital healthcare signs, contact Cirrus. During these unprecedented times we're dedicated to helping your healthcare business. Whether it's attracting new patients, providing better on-site way-finding and traffic flow solutions, or encouraging patients with inspirational messages, we've got you covered. You get more pixels in a durable LED display, the best cloud software for easy content management, and a hardware monitoring system for peace of mind. This 3-in-1 package will help your healthcare business improve communications and build better provider-patient relationships.