Restaurants Signs

Add restaurant digital
signage to your menu
When you replace your establishment’s static message boards with indoor and/or outdoor LED signs, you can grow your business and increase revenue.
Increase revenue
Showcasing your offerings increases revenue
Do you want to send a message about your food items or advertise your prices? Are you interested in reaching customers and non-customers alike? Would you like to improve your restaurant’s image?
When you replace your establishment’s static message boards with indoor and/or outdoor LED signs for restaurants, you can grow your business and increase revenue by:
Informing customers and passers-by about promotions, new items, and more
Providing a level of visibility that is unmatched by static signs
Enhancing the excitement and overall dining experience
Changing menu items as your ingredient inventory evolves
Adjusting prices as quickly as the costs of your inputs change
Presenting food items in an exciting, appealing and appetizing manner
Adding information about your food’s nutritional content and ingredients
Decreasing order times because customers are more knowledgeable
Choose Cirrus
Treat your customer to beautiful images at a lower cost

Whether static pictures or captivating video, a restaurant LED display makes your food look so much more appealing than a static sign. Not all electronic message boards are created equal, only LED signage with the highest resolution, end-to-end coverage, advanced software, and solid-state construction — like that from Cirrus — can provide the vivid, realistic images of food and beverages that will generate an increased ROI. Cirrus’s hardware and software provide value; our state-of-the-art restaurant digital displays have proven to be extremely cost-effective. In fact, amortized over 10 years, the ROI of our high-res sign can be 10X that of a low-res or monochrome display.

With our easy-to-use ScreenHub software, you can update your displays easily, quickly and at virtually no cost. When ingredient costs fluctuate, you can change prices almost instantaneously. You can vary menu offerings depending on the time of day and easily adjust menu items or promos to fit changes in your clientele’s taste — all without incurring additional labor costs. You also save money by reducing or even eliminating the need for printing, cleaning and storing menus.