Modern marketing trends
Jul 28, 2021

2020 threw some curveballs at us: a pandemic on a global scale, worldwide lockdowns, quarantine, and much more. Though, like they say: business must go on. And on it went.

To survive the pandemic era, businesses had to completely revamp the way that they approached marketing. No longer were ad campaigns and in-store marketing brochures enough— everything had to be started from scratch. Brands and businesses had to create personal connections with their consumers and potential clients or face the risk of bankruptcy.

Keeping the pandemic in mind, here are some of the biggest marketing trends for this year.

Video marketing

Brands and businesses have started to transform their strategies to focus on video marketing. Videos on a landing page of a business’s website can increase conversions by up to eight percent. With industry giants like Coca-Cola, Google, and Alibaba using the video marketing technique to increase their reach, build up their reputation and boost overall sales, video marketing is a trend that every business should adopt.

Creating emotional videos through the use of neuromarketing principles can help improve brand associations, convey a brand message, transform brand reputation and awareness, and increase overall leads and sales.

A person using a computer in an office

AI technology

Since everything has shifted online, improving UX and UI for your clients will significantly improve your marketing efforts. Creating unique and custom experiences with engaging material will lead to higher conversions and higher sales for your business, especially useful for e-commerce sites.

Furthermore, using AI-powered chatbots to give your customers instant replies to their queries and while providing them with customized recommendations for your products. AI can also significantly improve the customer experience. Curating personalized experiences for your clients will improve your brand awareness and reach through social proof, making it an effective marketing technique.

Digital signage

Brands and marketers can use digital signage to push their message through images and videos. Similar to video marketing, outdoor digital signage displays can be used to attract the attention of potential consumers, drawing them into the brand or store.

Since digital signage can display various content within a single display and can be updated instantly across all channels, it’s an inexpensive and effective means to increase brand reach and awareness. Digital signage can be used for various industries and includes digital menu boards, outdoor signage for retail stores, churches, the healthcare industry, the education industry, and much more.

Investing in high-quality LED displays for digital signage is a great marketing strategy for your business. Cirrus offers ultra-high resolution, reliable LED displays and powerful software for digital signage. As one of the leading digital signage and software companies, we provide full-service solutions for all your digital signage needs!

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