3 Amazing advantages of digital signage for healthcare facilities.

Apr 17, 2021

It’s easy to see how digital signage has impacted industries like retail shops by assessing the many benefits they offer, such as greater customer engagement that results in more sales, prolonging the time a customer spends inside stores, and eye-catching displays that spark impromptu purchases. However, retail is not the only industry that has been impacted and transformed by digital signage.

With the increasing demand for more healthcare facilities to cater to the growing population and new diseases and viruses, it comes as no surprise that the healthcare industry is expanding rapidly. Modern healthcare facilities are successfully incorporating digital signage and using it for everything from advertising to emergency response and from information distribution to speeding up patient intakes.

Here are some of the top advantages of using digital signage for healthcare facilities across the country:

Enhances patient experience

People who go to healthcare facilities are often frustrated and scared and already apprehensive about the experience they will have. Adding digital signs to patient rooms and other areas of the hospital allows the patients to get quick information and feel more confident while finding the right treatment or their test results. They also educate patients regarding various medical procedures and offer real-time updates regarding timings for their doctors and other departments. This can also reduce the burden from the hospital staff who are constantly being interrupted from their important duties to provide information to anxious patients.

Easier navigation

Statistics show that navigating the labyrinthine halls and corridors of healthcare facilities can be daunting for many visitors. Wayfinding problems can cost healthcare facilities up to $220,000 annually and can also be a real hassle for the staff as they constantly have to direct lost patients to the correct locations. Digital wayfinding signage inside hospitals can help patients find out exactly where they need to go. By adding interactive features, the signage can also offer customized directions through touch-screen capabilities and free the staff from directing traffic all day.

Reduces perceived wait times and alleviates patient anxiety

Nothing increases patients' anxiety more than spending hours in the waiting room waiting for their appointments or test results. Stress and anxiety can make even a few minutes seem like hours and result in making the patients more anxious in the waiting area. Adding digital signage that offers interesting and educative content can decrease the perceived wait time as people lose track of time while watching the high-quality content. Digital signage screens can also help ease the mind of patients and reduce their nervousness and anxiety by offering entertaining and engaging content.

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