Outdoor LED sign trends in 2021

Feb 04, 2021


Outdoor digital signage is an integral part of visual content marketing. It helps make an advertisement more engaging and memorable, which, in turn, increases brand awareness and generates leads. As signage technology improves over the years, companies use them in new and innovative ways. Here’s a quick overview of some outdoor LED sign trends we expect to see in 2021.

More personalized LED sign ads
Personalizing LED signage advertisements to represent specific demographics can help companies reach a larger audience through their visual content marketing. Therefore, a digital sign ad may look different in one geographical location as compared to another. Personalization depends on research on target audiences, so custom signs have more specific information that’s relevant to the user. Consequently, it can help attract and maintain their attention in a more effective way than using general messages. At the same time, the essence of the message, i.e., the brand image, is consistent on all channels.

Signs providing better value for money
As industries become more competitive, companies are looking for LED signs that offer better value. Well, companies can choose from different screen technologies, resolutions, and brightness capabilities to suit their budget. LED screens that can be in more than one case (for example, when interactions with customers change) also provide more value.

Signs to communicate within a team
LED signage does more than just communicate messages to customers. We expect more companies to use it as a means to communicate with their team to streamline workflow. Placing screens at different parts of the workplace can help distribute necessary information and increase efficiency in the process. Screens used for this purpose are also known as information radiators. Furthermore, companies also include touchscreens in conference rooms for quick and easy presentations.

Interactive LED signs
Interactivity can help increase consumer engagement. Therefore, we expect to see more companies using interactive technologies such as voice and gesture control to interact with signage. Including a QR code for users to scan with their smartphones can also improve engagement. Interactive LED signs can help users retain the company’s message better, which can lead to conversions. These screens also help attract more viewers as they can do more than just look at a screen.

Energy efficient and sustainable signs
In this day and age, many customers invest in a company after considering their role in protecting the environment. Customers are choosing sustainable solutions for their business operations. Thus, in the case of LED signs, companies look for screens that are more energy-efficient and have less of an impact on the environment. The best way companies can take full advantage of signage technology is to evolve with it. More cost-effective signage solutions can facilitate creative and innovative ways to improve brand awareness and increase sales.

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