Digital Signage ROI Calculator

Calculate the impact of an LED sign on your business

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, an electronic message display is the most efficient and cost-effective form of advertising. Use our LED display calculator and see an increase in business of 15% to 150%. 

Select display type and current revenue information below. When you’re finished, click “Send my calculation” to receive additional insights of revenue growth opportunities with a high resolution Cirrus BladeM display.
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Display type
Display Size (single sided)
Display Size (double sided)
Please enter your display size in feet. Cirrus LED modules are 1x2’ so height can be in 1 foot increments, but width has to be in 2 foot increments. For example, you can have a 3x6’ or 3x8’ display, but not a 3x5’ or 3x7’ display. Also, please make sure that you’ve selected a single or double-sided display in the tab above.
Initial monthly store revenue
Current monthly store revenue
What is your current monthly revenue?
$ 110000
Increase in revenue in %. Minimum estimated at 15%
The US Small Business Association states that an LED display can increase your revenue from 15% to 150%. Since Cirrus LED’s are high-resolution, the impact to the ROI will be much greater so we’ve started the minimum estimate at 20%. Play with the calculator to see what a 30-40% increase in your monthly/yearly revenue would do for your bottom line.
% 15
Monthly subscription cost (60 mos.)
What your high-resolution LED display would cost per month over a 60 month term. Please note this includes hardware, but does not include any sign fabrication or installation costs.
$ 2234
Gross revenue
Total increase in your monthly revenue
$ 2234
Net revenue
Total increase in your monthly revenue,
minus your LED display cost
$ 2234
12-month net revenue
Total increase in your yearly revenue,
minus your LED display cost
$ 211 027
5-year net revenue
Total increase in your revenue over 5 years,
minus your LED display cost
$ 1 011 027
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