Dynamic free
cloud-based software
for digital displays
ScreenHub is a hardware-agnostic web application that manages content for outdoor and indoor screens of any size or aspect ratio. Elegantly simple and intuitive, this robust LED message board software can run networks from one to 1,000+ screens. What’s more it includes hardware monitoring so you have peace of mind that your display is running as it should at all times.
Digital and LED sign software doesn’t get any easier than this
How does ScreenHub work?
Install and configure
So easy you can set it up
yourself or our support team
is always available if you
want a helping hand
Create and design
Straight forward and
intuitive interface allows
you to create appealing
content in just minutes!
Set up schedules and
The dependable playback
system plays 24 hours
a day, 365 days a year
Main Features
Why should you
choose ScreenHub?
We know running a business or organization is not easy. ScreenHub is packed with powerful features and is so easy to use it will help simplify your workflow. Whether you have a single digital sign or run a network with hundreds of screens, this content management system also comes with hardware monitoring so you can have peace of mind knowing your displays are running as they should.
Free to use
Our CMS allows anyone to control any digital display at no cost and comes with lifetime training and support.
Hardware agnostic
Compatible with all synchronous systems (such as Linsn LED, NovaStar, and DBStar) that run Windows or Linux.
Favorite tools
Use all your favorite image-editing software. Accepts many file extensions including JPG, PNG, MP4, and more.
Easily move elements around the screen; enlarge, shrink, rotate, animate content; play around with all the possibilities.
Access and monitor your screens no matter where they are and no matter where you are – at any time.
Control and manage one or thousands of digital displays from any web-enabled Mac, PC, tablet, or smartphone.
Allows ScreenHub to continually improve and add new features with updates pushed through the cloud.
Cloud storage
Create future content, design reusable templates, and save playlists for as long as you want – they will never get lost.
Hardware Integration
Whether you have a single digital sign or run a network with hundreds of screens, this content management system also comes with hardware monitoring so you have peace of mind knowing your displays are always running as they should.
Know if your display lost
power or internet connection
at any point throughout the day
Automatically detect electrical,
temperature, or panel outage
issues with your display every
time you log in to your account
Auto-map, cut/restore power,
and reboot your display all from
within your hardware dashboard
in ScreenHub
Take a closer look
What does
look like?
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Easy to use
Slide Editor
Simple & Free
Sign up for ScreenHub today at no cost. See the list of
features included on our free software below.
5GB storage
Huge Content Library
Financial Content
100MB Max Upload
Advanced Weather
Slide Editor
Streaming Video
Phone/Email Support
Hardware Monitoring
Social Media Intergration
Campaign Scheduling
RSS Feed
Works with your system

ScreenHub software is compatible with any synchronous outdoor digital display, including LED display boards and message centers – as well as indoor screens such as plasma screens, LCD panels, and more. Edit content on your sign with any device. The application is compatible with Windows and Linux-based operating systems