State by State

When considering your signage and other display options you have to talk to your local sign shop. Not only are they a great resource when determining what sign to purchase, but they also know the state rules/regulations that go along with your signage. Each state has their own parameters, specific to the area limiting brightness, distances, and a host of other things. Today, since we recently made the switch over to a headquarters in Maine, I figured it would be good to take a look at Maine's specifications (only a handful of them) when it comes to our own LED displays. These regulations are paraphrased and are subject to change depending on your specific municipality and their ordinances. I found the following information online (website listed below), under Transportation Part1 Chapter 21. h/>ine defines an LED/digital display as the following: "Changeable sign" means an on-premises sign created, designed, manufactured or modified in such a way that its message may be electronically, digitally or mechanically altered by the complete substitution or replacement of one display by another on each side." ~ Section 11-A1 11-F. A changeable display can not exceed 25 feet above the adjacent ground level or nearest public traffic center line. 11-B1. A display can be changed no more than once every 20 minutes. 11-B2. Your different slides must change quickly, with no phasing, rolling, scrolling, flashing or blending. 11-H.  Size, illumination intensity, and the displaying of time and temperature must comply with standards set by the Department of Transportation. 11-D. Only one changeable sign with 2 sides is allowed for each public way that provides direct vehicular access to the business, facility or point of interest.  Other ordinances refer to which the types of public access ways your sign can be near and how many signs each business area can have on the premises. The elaboration on each of these and more can be found on: 1I3A9294-EDIT

Kickstarting Your Design Trends

Between you and I, I am probably not the best person to go to when you want to know what colors to splatter all over your sign. I would make a mess. So I went to an expert, Kate Fox, who practically runs Cirrus' display support. She was kind enough to provide me with a few startup tips when it comes to designing your first LED digital display. Tip #1 - Explore Your Neighborhood If you have never had a digital display before drive around till you find someone who does, or drive around till you find several of them. You might as well get a feel for what you like and don't like from other people's signs first. Maybe find out what a lot of them have in common so you know what types of sign design you may want to avoid in order to make yours stand out. Tip #2 - You Already Have Pictures When you log onto your Cirrus cloud account in order to access your sign, you will be happy to see that we have already given you a few pics to start playing with. These would be good to try as simple backgrounds and testers for you to see how the colors look on your personalized display.   Tip #3 - Test Your TextWiki_Space Invader For 90% of the projects that come across her desk, Kate will advocate for the clear text option. As a warning, it is not known to look very sleek while it's on your desktop but the display is a different story. Clear text was specifically designed for large pixelated display screens. This is why it doesn't look like your normal Times/Arial or other regular font types. If anything it looks like something out of the old space invaders game when you're designing it on a computer. But it works, try it out.   Tip #4 - Easy Match Ups Colors are definitely something to fiddle with. Normally Kate suggests that text based ads should have a light colored text on a dark background (like on the sign below), as people's eyes are normally drawn towards the lighter objects first. Borders are another really simple way to make your sign a bit more fun to look at. Especially if you have a text ad, try using color borders along the different edges of the sign. Whether you have a full-color display or a SOLO you can still play with the shading of your sign. The Solo's Fire and Ice can still show as just as much depth as the Blade X because it encompasses so many shades. To get a better feel for what your design will look like on the SOLO models, try designing in black and white to start. This way you aren't as surprised when your design is converted to a red scale or grayscale. In addition, if you are using a full-color display, keep an eye out for how bright the light is around your sign at different points of the day. Sun light tends to wash out yellow, red, and orange like colors. Tip #5 - Guess And Check You are really not going to know what you like until you play around with all of the options. Seriously, just take a day to combine random colors, images, and features. Switching your visuals is as easy as logging back in later and clicking a different ad playlist that you created. So if you don't like it, you can change it. Miami Beach  

Communication Dynamic

sign-size-new We are just beginning the work week which puts us right in the thick of things. What could be a better time than now to try to cut down on aggravating or confusing customers calls. Let us highlight our own communications as well as buying concerns here at Cirrus. When it comes to trying to figure out the best digital displays for a business, there are a lot of different points to consider. We try to make this process go a little smoother by communicating directly with your local Sign Shop in order to ensure that both the sign shop and the buyer are fully informed about the product they are interested in, and what it can do for them. We stay in contact with them throughout the purchasing and decision process. Of course, if the buyer wants to call us directly too, then they are more than welcome. The first thing the buyer should always consider is their budget. Our display setups are completely customizable which means you can order an LED board that is any size multiple of our 1x2 panels. Keep in mind that these displays are meant for a horizontal setup rather than a vertical. Consider too, your distance from the road. This may influence how big you would prefer a sign and what resolution would be best to allow passing traffic to see it more easily. Our Cirrus signs also come in an array of colors. Currently, we have two major display styles: Blade X and Solo. Blade X is our full-color display which is RGB, meaning it spans 281 trillion colors. The Solo comes in either a red scale or a grayscale (spanning approx. 65,000 colors within those spectrums). If you only expect to be displaying text then a full color may not be all that necessary whereas a company that wants rolling pictures of their best-selling cars may rather full color. Those looking for full color will also have three resolutions options as the Solo displays only have one option (15mm). These are just a few of the decisions that go into creating LED displays that are customized. Every decision could potentially change the price tag of the display you are looking to buy. Even more, some states have regulations on the brightness of your LED display pictures, for example how quickly pictures can move, what type/ how many displays can be used etc. These regulations are definitely something to review with your sign shop before purchasing or installing a display. They may also help you to determine what a healthy budget may be for your business. Keep in mind that even if the option you consider the most extravagant is outside your budget right now, that doesn't mean it can't be an option in the future! Cirrus signs are upgradable. This is made easy through our individual LED panels. The LED modules can be removed and replaced within your existing framework making your upgrade a seamless transition. Be sure to ask any questions you might have before making a purchase and review your ideal display option with your local sign shop to make sure you understand everything you may need to know! We want to make sure that your purchase truly is the best purchase for you. After all of this, you will be glad to know that designing your signs is definitely easier than deciding which sign best suits you. At least there's an app for that. S.K. 1