SignConnexion 2017!

Led Installation We couldn't keep it to ourselves so we are bringing it to the trade shows! The newest Cirrus systems that are set to be featured this week are our Blade X and Solo units. The names sell themselves but we wanted to give it a try too. Our physical displays will be setup at the Sheraton in downtown Memphis on Saturday the 29th, for those of you who would like to swing by and take a look. Come talk to two of our best in order to learn more about both our full color and red scale/ grayscale display options. They will have plenty to talk to you about and enough of a light show packed in their suitcases to be sure to entertain! So while you are wandering around Memphis or even some of the other displays that will be present, stop by, introduce yourself, tell us about what you are looking for and what you need. Cirrus displays are customized for the needs of the buyer. We can help you figure out the best fit for you. Even if you don't buy during the event, we encourage you to contact us or leave your contact information with us so when you are ready, we will be too. *P.s. feel free to go selfie crazy, we want to know if you liked our display. Take a picture with one of our reps or with the LEDs! We are a little selfie crazy too.

Working Around Your Schedule

Most people have their own schedules whether it is a work schedule, a class schedule, or their child's extra curricular schedule. On a day to day basis, we have a lot to keep track of. This is why for numerous businesses, it would be immeasurably useful to be able to plan to advertise around their schedule. Even better, to be able to change their ads without having to pencil in when they will physically go out and do it. With an LED display you don't have to worry about going out to the display and switching the letters required to say "Boys Basketball game on Saturday at 3:00 pm". Another thing to avoid; having to consider how many B's you will have to actually do it. This is all avoidable with a Cirrus LED digital display. Instead, just schedule ahead of time when the announcements and ads will be visible throughout the week. For example: What if you are a restaurant with a pasta lunch special on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12 - 2? Just make sure you set the slide that describes the special to play only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during that time frame on the settings. You can set it to play every week thereafter. If the specials on Tuesday and Thursday are different just set a different playlist to be scheduled for those specific times. How about a movie theater that only shows movies for a month before switching them out?  Easy, set Titan 3 or whichever movie you'd like, to play for that one month in the settings. Select the days during the week, the time frame, and then how long you would like this selection to occur for. If you know that Candy Land 2 will be the film that takes Titan 3's place then set up a Candy Land 2 slide or playlist at the same time, but set it for the month after. --- Like the school example above too, you can set up different announcements to play on different days and at different times. This way you can alert parents as to which of the many sports events are coming up with ease and while avoiding confusion. If you have kids yourself, this also means not having to figure out when to update your display in between ballet or baseball practices after work. If there is any trouble, feel free to schedule a walkthrough with our Cirrus support. We will help you figure out how to design and setup your displays on our new web format to make it even easier on your day to day routine.   Lee's 1d  Lee's 1h Having a display option for night and day is also a  popular way of scheduling different ads.

Kickstarting Your Design Trends

Between you and I, I am probably not the best person to go to when you want to know what colors to splatter all over your sign. I would make a mess. So I went to an expert, Kate Fox, who practically runs Cirrus' display support. She was kind enough to provide me with a few startup tips when it comes to designing your first LED digital display. Tip #1 - Explore Your Neighborhood If you have never had a digital display before drive around till you find someone who does, or drive around till you find several of them. You might as well get a feel for what you like and don't like from other people's signs first. Maybe find out what a lot of them have in common so you know what types of sign design you may want to avoid in order to make yours stand out. Tip #2 - You Already Have Pictures When you log onto your Cirrus cloud account in order to access your sign, you will be happy to see that we have already given you a few pics to start playing with. These would be good to try as simple backgrounds and testers for you to see how the colors look on your personalized display.   Tip #3 - Test Your TextWiki_Space Invader For 90% of the projects that come across her desk, Kate will advocate for the clear text option. As a warning, it is not known to look very sleek while it's on your desktop but the display is a different story. Clear text was specifically designed for large pixelated display screens. This is why it doesn't look like your normal Times/Arial or other regular font types. If anything it looks like something out of the old space invaders game when you're designing it on a computer. But it works, try it out.   Tip #4 - Easy Match Ups Colors are definitely something to fiddle with. Normally Kate suggests that text based ads should have a light colored text on a dark background (like on the sign below), as people's eyes are normally drawn towards the lighter objects first. Borders are another really simple way to make your sign a bit more fun to look at. Especially if you have a text ad, try using color borders along the different edges of the sign. Whether you have a full-color display or a SOLO you can still play with the shading of your sign. The Solo's Fire and Ice can still show as just as much depth as the Blade X because it encompasses so many shades. To get a better feel for what your design will look like on the SOLO models, try designing in black and white to start. This way you aren't as surprised when your design is converted to a red scale or grayscale. In addition, if you are using a full-color display, keep an eye out for how bright the light is around your sign at different points of the day. Sun light tends to wash out yellow, red, and orange like colors. Tip #5 - Guess And Check You are really not going to know what you like until you play around with all of the options. Seriously, just take a day to combine random colors, images, and features. Switching your visuals is as easy as logging back in later and clicking a different ad playlist that you created. So if you don't like it, you can change it. Miami Beach