3 Things to avoid when creating a digital sign

Jun 25, 2021

Though digital signage is becoming popular these days, most of them just end up looking mediocre, making them ineffective. This is because the creators are making a couple of rookie mistakes— and these mistakes can cost your business a fortune.

If you want to create an engaging digital sign, here’s what you need to avoid.

Lack of user friendliness

With an interactive display, user-friendliness is key. If your digital sign is complex, it’s likely that your customers will hesitate to use it or engage with it, making your digital marketing efforts go down the drain.

Avoid these mistakes by placing clear instructions on your interactive display, making for a more user-friendly sign or board.

Lack of contrast

Contrast is a great way to grab your viewers' attention. If you add too much contrast or too little, your message can easily get lost. They won't be able to engage with your sign or display if they have to spend time separating the different elements, so avoid using dark backgrounds with dark texts. This will contribute to poor legibility and comprehension, meaning that your message will be overlooked entirely. Use color theory and color psychology to understand what type of colors are best suited to your audience, improving engagement.

Inconsistent fonts

If you want to create an effective digital sign, you’ll want to stick with a singular, legible font. If your digital sign has more than one font, it’ll affect your sign’s readability by large. Avoid using all caps to draw attention, stacking your paras and lines too closely, and using way too many colors in a couple of sentences. It looks unprofessional, reduces legibility, and impacts viewer engagement.

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