3 Ways to enhance the library experience with LED signs

May 26, 2021

Libraries are one of the most important communal buildings that cater to the public. These buildings serve as community centers that make books and information accessible to all. 

Using digital signage in libraries can help visitors navigate book genres, the floor plan, and find new books. 

Why do libraries need digital signage?

Avid fans of libraries understand that they can be challenging to navigate, especially for first-time visitors. In such a case, library staff helps patrons find their way, search for requested books, and perform other tasks such as writing CVs, job applications, work on computers, and more. However, with COVID-19 restrictions, these social interactions have to be limited to avoid the spread of the infection. This is where digital signage comes into play. 

Library signage:

Library signage includes visual graphics and data displayed on digital LED signs to provide essential information to the visitors. Libraries can use digital signs to help customers find books, navigate through aisles, find printers, discover the coffee shop, and more.

Today, they can even be used to display the amount of foot traffic in an area, so visitors and library staff can maintain social distancing rules. 

How to incorporate digital signage in libraries:

Here are the different kinds of signs that libraries can use to make it more convenient for visitors to access their services:

Wayfinding signs:

Directional and wayfinding digital signs can keep visitors from getting lost within the extensive maze of shelves. Both public and private libraries can use wayfinding signs at strategic points in the building to help patrons navigate their way. 

New users can use these to understand their way at the entrance, while others can make their way to specific areas such as media centers, study rooms, cafes, and bathrooms. These are also ideal for preventing confusion with guests on special events. 

Informational signage:

Informational signs can help provide essential tips to library visitors. It can help save time while informing visitors about general details like library hours, upcoming community events, and other general statistics. 

It's important to keep these signs simple so that they are easily legible, but you can also experiment by incorporating animations and designs to make the displays more entertaining. 

Regulatory signs:

Regulatory signage is used to ensure that rules are being followed. They can help provide essential guidelines and behavior codes to visitors while outlining the acceptable and unacceptable codes of conduct. 

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