3 Ways to improve your college campus communication strategy

May 24, 2021

Students today are active consumers and generators of online content, sharing a large portion of what they see and hear. Therefore, college campuses are responsible for providing accurate information on time to prevent miscommunication and misinformation. 

With the summer break coming up, campus administrations have a chance to reflect and redo their campus communication strategies for better effectiveness. One of the best ways to do this is by incorporating digital signage. 

High-definition color displays can be used to keep students, staff, and visitors engaged and in high spirits. Here’s how to do it:

Emergency alerts:

One of the reasons why digital signs are so helpful is because they can help disseminate emergency alerts quickly. A digital display system can show live updates in emergencies, providing valuable information such as escape routes, meeting points, contact information, and more. The messages can also be changed as the situation evolves to display accurate information. 

Digital signs that include Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) can integrate with various emergency alerts to provide information across the campus quickly. 

Event information:

You can use digital signs to market upcoming events to the students by incorporating various kinds of content. Use eye-catching graphics and video messages to keep the campus community in the loop about deadlines, finals, office hours, internships, scholarship deadlines, and more. 

They can also help promote campus events, public service announcements, library events, or changes in event schedules. Digital signage allows the entire community to benefit from a wide-reaching advertising channel.

Way-finding signs:

These days, every college campus seems like it wants to outdo the other in terms of size. With large campus buildings and various departments, there’s no surprise new and old students often get lost within campus premises. Moreover, event visitors and guests may find it frustrating to navigate the campus. Installing way-finding digital screens can allow people to figure where they are and find their way easily from that point onward. 

This prevents certain areas from getting crammed with confused students and teachers and creates better communication.

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